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text goes to multi media after 160 chars

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mohawk, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. mohawk

    mohawk Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I've just discovered my phone goes into multi media when I reach 160 chars in a message. Can anyone help?

  2. tomthetank

    tomthetank Member

    ive been watching this hoping to find a answer...
    come on someone :D
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  3. Geryatrix

    Geryatrix Member

    I think that you'll find that the maximum allowed for a text message is 160 characters. If you enter more than 160, then it becomes an invalid text, but the message can still be sent via MMS. The SGS, being a clever bit of kit, knows this, and helps you out.
  4. Sleuth

    Sleuth Newbie

    Agree with Geryatrix. I've had phones in the past that would take your 161 character text message and split it into 2 separate text mssages, even if the second one was only 1 character long. All without telling you. Definitely think this is a better solution.
  5. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    Why not just use something like PingChat!
    I use it all the time.
    It's great when you want to send an unlimited amount of Text, a Photo, a Video, a Voice message.
  6. darkone69

    darkone69 Newbie

    You can go into messaging - settings - send message settings - unclick auto convert to mms (thats if ticked) - then go scroll down to split 160 then choose simple split & add counter. this will then send multiple texts (with upto 160 charecters in - which is nice on unlimited text plans) instead of sending a mms, which some networks charge for MMS (well, mine does anyway :mad:)

    I am using Handcent sms but am sure this is same for stock messaging
  7. -Ollie-

    -Ollie- Well-Known Member

    I don't agree. Concatenated SMS is supported by 99% of the phones and should be also supported by the Galaxy S. And unless you have a flat rate for data, sending 2 or 3 SMS will most of the time cost you less money than sending one MMS.

    Seems to be different for stock messaging.
  8. taylorraz

    taylorraz Lurker

    i am having this problem where i am getting charged 31p everytime i forward a text over 160 characters. my provider say its a phone setting and nothing they can do?? is this correct.... i find it hard to believe that phone with this technology can't cope????
  9. Beards

    Beards Android Expert

    I often send very long text messages that go above one and even two text allowance rules.
    Not once have I been charged for any additional fees.
    Although the message is sent as one whole message it is then shown as two or three messages from my allowance.

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