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Text Message Alerts

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by Dantastic, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Dantastic

    Dantastic Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So, I was just curious, is there a way to set custom text message alerts on the the Droid, or can you only use the default ones that came with it? I figured out how to do custom ringtones, but cant figure out custom text message alerts... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  2. ryno2292

    ryno2292 Newbie

    I've been using SMS Popup since I got my droid which allows you to set individual noifications for your contacts. Free in the market. I don't know of anyway to do it via the stock text message app.
  3. Messages>options button>settings>notifications>select ringtone
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  4. Jim W

    Jim W Well-Known Member

    That changes the alert for all texts. I believe the OP wants to be able to set a different one for different people, like you can with calls.
  5. pjakesmith

    pjakesmith Guest

    Thanks a lot for the post!
  6. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    handcent has this ability
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  7. rubytues

    rubytues Lurker

    I'm sorry but what is handcent?
  8. megahawk

    megahawk Newbie

    Handcent only has the stock notifications as well. It would be nice to change this to a ringtone or other sound for SMS's.
  9. Kelrb

    Kelrb Lurker

  10. shizzy1427

    shizzy1427 Android Enthusiast

    I believe he wants to set his own sounds in notifications which can be done by creating the folder "media" on the sd card. Inside that folder create "audio" and inside that folder create "notifications". So /sdcard/media/audio/notifications. now when you go to choose the notification, from any application whatever file you add will appear.
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  11. Caldera86

    Caldera86 Lurker

    I discovered using ringo lite and ringdroid in conjuction work great. i use ringdroid to edit and create new notification alerts if you need to such as if you have a song you'd like to use and ringo lite to set that tone. for some reason when i use ringdroid to set my alerts it doesn't work so i use ringo lite. just make sure to turn off your htc alerts through MESSAGES, SETTINGS, and then make sure notifications is not checked. i learned this the frustrating way because i had two different alerts going off interrupting eachother. let me know how it works caldera86@gmail.com
  12. pontfire97

    pontfire97 Lurker

    That worked shizzy1427 thank you :)
  13. girlystep

    girlystep Lurker

    Shizzy, can you explain how do you that, in more detail?I'm not sure how to create folders and stuff. Please and thank you.
  14. Bridgey

    Bridgey Lurker

    Complete phone newbie here - hello all!
    I too am trying to use a custom message alert tone, but can't seem to do it.
    I read Shizzy's post, but (when the Wildfire is connected to the computer via the cable) can't see the SD card file. "Show hidden files and folders" is checked in the "view" menu. Help!
  15. koalabear65

    koalabear65 Lurker

    I can't do this!!! I tried to make new folders and drag some but when I go to edit my ringtones it just comes up the phone ring tone menu?? What the heck!!! I could assign a different ringtone for calls and text messages for each contact. What am I doing wrong?? Someone get me started. I understand to make the folders, but can someone start at square 1 after I connect to my PC? Something is not clicking in my mind and I am frustrated!!! Thank you so much:thinking:
  16. jayk32

    jayk32 Newbie

    Thanks 4 info, this is just what i've been wanting 2 do!! :)
  17. Ricker

    Ricker Newbie

  18. Hi. Trying to add my own message alert to Desire. Set as hard drive . menu reads, bookmark,footprint,albumthumbs,backup,DCIM,HTCsync,LOSTDIR,MP3,Music,rosiescroll,rssreader,user man. No sign of sd card or the current notifications in any file so i don't know where to put my sounds for texts. i can add music therefore change ringtones but not alerts. Frustrated now pleae help.
  19. Yggdrasil

    Yggdrasil Newbie

    1) Plug USB cable into phone and computer.
    2) Mount the SD card so that the files show up on the My Computer window on your computer.
    3) Open the phone drive (probably listed as Removable Media, it will be the one that usually does not show up unless you have the phone plugged in).
    4) Create or open the "media" folder on the top (root) level.
    5) Create or open the "audio" folder that is inside of the media folder (see step 4).
    6) Create or open the "notifications" folder that is inside of the audio folder (see step 5).
    7) Copy some audio files into the "notifications" folder.
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  20. Hi, thanks for that but the list of files in my previous message are all that appear in the root. The phone is mounted ok and appears as an additional device etc but there is no such file as media or audio, or equivalent.The closest is the mp3 one but anything I drop in there appears as music on the phone so can only be used for ringtones not message tones. I've opened them all to look for notifications but it's not in any of them, very frustrating
    Thanks for your help though:mad:
  21. paratragoudo

    paratragoudo Lurker

    Hi there. I've had the same problem. You can follow the instructions of Yggdrasil . You can create all these folders into the folder dcim. And then You will be able to look all the files you drop in this folder, in the notifications menu in your mobile.
    You may need to make a wav file and not an mp3 (I guess)
  22. leanne24

    leanne24 Lurker

    hi. would like to know how u set a mp2 ringtone as my msg alert...a dont even no how to set a msg tone..lol x
  23. StevieM

    StevieM Lurker

    Thanks shizzy 1427, the folder on the SD card thing worked a treat on my new wildfire
  24. MsLadyPoet

    MsLadyPoet Lurker

    I have been trying to figure this out every since I gt my LG Ally.Thanx a bunch KennyIdaho for the info abt handcent.You are a lifesaver literally.
  25. amandais

    amandais Lurker

    Anyone know how to set missed calls and messages to appear when the andriod is locked or asleep? I get a flashing green light in the top lefthand corner only sometimes.. I've heard that you can apply different colours depending on the type of notification.. any help would be great. Thanks!
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