Nov 8, 2009
So here it goes. I am not crazy.

The other night i was out with friends and myself and one friend were comparing our droids.

I got a text message that said it was from my friend "ian" that was sitting next to me. He didnt send me a text. Then I looked at it again and it showed the right name that it came from. My other friend Eric who was sitting accross the way from us.

I thought it was weird, both me and my friend Ian saw it.

Welll it just happned again. I sent a text to my friend Vince from a existing text thread. When he replied it showed the reply as from my friend Dan. I then closed the thread and re-opened it and it showed correctly that it was my friend Vince.

I swear im not crazy. Something is weird.

I got a call from someone today that said I sent them a text message that I dont even know!

Is my phone posessed?
I have had that happen quite often. Some times simply closing the app out and going back won't fix it. I found that killing the messaging app with task killer and then opening the messaging app again sorts it out.