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Text message fails to send to group chat

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jav1099, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. jav1099

    jav1099 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello! I am getting an error message when trying to reply to a "group text" with 7 other people. I am seeing their messages, photos, etc. But can't reply back - each response comes back with my original message in purple box with red circle (!) error code = mixed group of iPhone & Android users. I have Galaxy S7...

    I have tested a separate group of friends to see if they receive my messages, and both groups are getting them. Just this other one that seems to be the challenge - not sure what's going on here! [​IMG]

    "Couldn't send message"

    I have tried the 'resend' option multiple times, but 'failure' keeps happening. :( This is the language that shows up in the (!) box to top right of my initial message. Thanks in advance for any feedback!!

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  2. Mdub41

    Mdub41 Lurker

    i have a S9+ and am having the same issue.
    in all of my group conversations where other users are only iphone-- texts instantly fail. photos send fine as they're mms.

    in groups where there's at least one other android, the pop up comes up and says 'group messages will be sent as mms'

    if i add each contact separately to build the 'all iphone' group-- it works... but forgets it when i close out and go back to messaging.

    definitely linked to the att/android update pushed 48 hours ago to me.
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  3. Frank Vaslo

    Frank Vaslo Lurker

    Anyone actually fix this... I'm getting same message

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