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Text message memory full

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jakejay, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. jakejay

    jakejay Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Recently updated to Froyo, and now I cannot recieve any text messages. My droid says "Text message memory full". I deleted all of my threads and uninstalled some apps, but the message remains. Any help would be appreciated.

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  2. quickett

    quickett Lurker

    I had the same issue, every time I installed dolphin hd. Figured out that the text memory and phone memory are somehow linked. Once you get the phone memory down(try deleting a large app), the message will go away and you'll be able to receive texts again.
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  3. cc9703

    cc9703 Newbie

    I've been having the same issue lately, but I updated to Froyo a while ago. I turned off notifications, then tried clearing cache, and then cleared the data and still get the notification. Of course there have been multiple reboots along the way in case that would help. I finally backed up my messages and then deleted them on my Droid and still with the notifications (starting to drive me baty). My phone memory is low as well, so I'll delete some apps and see if somehow they are linked.
  4. cc9703

    cc9703 Newbie

    Well, I deleted a couple of apps and rebooted. My low memory notification went away and so did the text memory full notification:) Not long after I started receiving texts again. This seems quite weird to me, but a lesson was learned. Low memory apparently makes for an angry Droid. Something along the lines of, "No text for you!" until you delete some apps:D Thanks quickett, you saved me from further headaches over this.
  5. Help!! I've been getting that "Text Message Rejected, full memory" message for 2 days now. I've deleted ALL my music, ALL my photos, ALL my apps except ones REQUIRED for phone to run properly. I have literally NOTHING on my phone. And I CANNOT get any messages. Nothings working. Help. I'm about to have to bike 10 miles to the nearest Verizon Store.
  6. cc9703

    cc9703 Newbie

    Wow, I hope you were able to back up all that good stuff before you deleted everything. Well if you cleared your cache and data already and rebooted a couple of times, then I hope someone with more knowledge than what I have can help you out.
  7. Shadowtech

    Shadowtech Android Enthusiast

    Deleting photos and music would do nothing, as they are stored on your sdcard and not the internal phone memory (usually anyway). Removing your apps is the key here, but removing every single one of them is far from necessary. You only need to remove until your low memory warning goes away, then the phone should have plenty free'd up to receive more texts.

    Why it is not working again is beyond me though. Have you tried rebooting? I see this was asked yesterday morning with no update since, so has it worked itself out yet? Also, if you're like most women (not tying to offend anyone), you probably text like crazy (I know my g/f does), and rarely delete anything. I have noticed on her phone, the messaging apps tend to start having issues once she gets a few thousand messages stored inside them.
  8. russe||

    russe|| Newbie

    Just had the same problem myself. Freed up some internal memory to clear that warning. Rebooted the phone and could then receive texts again.

    Thanks for the tip.
  9. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    WTF!!! My phone already only has 198MB, I have deleted as many apps as I have installed just to keep it working, and I finally got to a point that I was satisfied with. Meaning that i was ok with not being able install more because i had the basics of what i wanted... NOW THIS!! W T F !!!!!

    ...oh well. I wish there was an app to save txts to the sd card. This is really really really ret@rded. I am always proud of my nexus one being the best phone i have had but this tiny @$$ 198MB thing is BULL$#!†
  10. tase25

    tase25 Well-Known Member

    It's ridiculous that there is even a limit.

    I've had an iPhone for almost a year and never had a text message full problem.

    There should be a way to fix that.

    I ran into this problem with my Acer Liquid E today. Missed a crap load of text messages apparently and they never got re-sent.
  11. ChrmnMa0

    ChrmnMa0 Lurker

    I deleted some large apps. Cleared all texts. All that stuff. I got this issue when I uploaded a bunch of pictures to FB. Does that somehow go to become a ghost in memory somewhere? I've tried rebooting. Everything. WT****ERY???
  12. Zonjer

    Zonjer Newbie

    I'm having the same problem. Is there an app where all messages will be stored in my sd card? I freed up some memory thru App Killer and it says I got 70mb free and deleted some messages too but still can't receive any message. On my Windows 6.1 phone, all messages aer stored in your SD card, why can't we do the same thing with Android?
  13. Zonjer

    Zonjer Newbie

    Okay I checked my internal memory usage and it says 158.7mb out of 171.5mb. I uninstalled a couple of apps and it goes down to 151mb. Then finally I was able to receive text.

    So with 13mb to go, Android phones stops accepting text messages?
  14. P4ndora

    P4ndora Lurker

    If clearing the data/cache on both the messaging/email apps didn't work, along with deleting apps etc... the only other option is a factory data reset. found by Settings>Privacy>Factory Data Reset. You can backup texts to the sd card, the best app i've found is sms backup & restore. Free on the market by ritesh sahu. saves sms to the sd card as an xml which can easily be imported back onto the phone or viewed using excel on a computer. as far as saving apps, try looking for app saver or something on the market. all else fails, remember your gmail info and wipe the phone. hope that helps.
  15. fredal

    fredal Lurker

    My handphone has the same problem. Sony X8 with Android 2.1
    I have to remove some apps before I can receive SMS.

    Does it matter the Android version ?

    Can you share what version are you using ?
  16. optitech

    optitech Lurker

    I installed Handcent.Messaging application to replace stock messaging app.

    This is my solution:
    1. Menu > settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Messaging > Choose Clear data and cache..

    2. Open stock Messaging > Menu > Settings > Tick Delete old messages. Then open "Text message limit" , set it to 1000 (your choice).

    3. Clear low message notification ..

    4. reboot your phone..

    if still unsuccessful, try to clear some app (not music, song that stored in sd card).

    the solution work for me.. Hope that solution may help u guys.
  17. guest1984

    guest1984 Lurker

    I experienced this error today on my Galaxy S9000. I noticed the "Text message memory full" notification pointed to the applications settings page. From there I saw Internet application was using 111mb! I opened internet, settings-> clear cache. That fixed this message. I wish I'd realised that before I blasted away my call log and messages. :(
  18. huntermaclean

    huntermaclean Lurker

    I tried this but was only able to delete about 2.6MB. It seems anytime my available space dips below 10MB, Android reject incoming message. I even checked in the setting and have selected the option to delete old message when space is need for new ones, and it still rejects them!

    Any other solutions out there? This seems like a major defect in the OS, especially because there is no way to retrieve the message again after it has been rejected. I don't know about anyone else but this is causing me serious stress at work.

    Thanks Everyone
  19. aurorarose278

    aurorarose278 Lurker

    My Droid buzzed all day today about "phone storage memory low" and "text message memory low." I deleted my entire inbox and every unnecessary app I had, but it kept giving me the warnings. I cleared the caches in my large apps but that didn't help either.

    What DID work was this - I cleared the data on my Facebook app, then restarted my phone.

    HOW I did it: Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Under the "Downloaded" tab, I touched the Facebook app then touched the clear data button. This basically made me restart the Facebook app and sign in again. Problem solved.
  20. tmathew50

    tmathew50 Lurker

    Hello everyone.
    I too had this problem of "phone memory full" but couldnt find any old messages to delete.
    The manufacturer- "Olive" doesnt even bother to answer your mail or call and do not care whether the device works.
    Well, am so glad that my research in the net for a solution put me to so many helpful hints that were easy to understand even to me.

    Naturally, solution 1 is to delete most of the unnecessary mails left in the in box (if there are any).

    Second is to remove unnecessary apps.

    Third is to move maximum apps to sd card. Apparently, this can be done only in the froyo or up.
    You can either do this by going to Settings> applications> all and then check each apps and see if it can be moved to the SD card. Apparently an App called "app2sd" makes things simpler by showing what can be moved and what can not be.

    Fourth and most important is to "uninstall" any updates that you must have accepted for the apps.
    The apps will still run without the update.

    I also downloaded an app called "diskusage" to see what app is where in the phone.

    My deep gratitude to all those helped me to find these solutions
  21. RobbieWilkes

    RobbieWilkes Lurker

    I've started getting the "database storage is nearly full" message, along with the "Memory Full" message. I've deleted messages, moved as much stuff from the internal memory as possible and moved applications to the SD card that could be moved.

    I currently have the following available space:

    1.5 gig on the internal phone storage
    12.88gig on the internal SD card
    2.11gig on my external SD card

    My phone is a non-hacked Samsung SGH-897, 2.2 Firmware, Kernel

    I can cause the error to pop up by forcing a Media Scan, either by powering the phone off and on, or by connecting via usb to my pc. I believe, as it's trying to add the information to the various databases, there must be some corruption some place, because it never gets past 0%.

    None of my pictures or music are showing up in my Gallery or Android Music Player, though I can see them fine in an Double Twist or ES File Explorer.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  22. RobbieWilkes

    RobbieWilkes Lurker

    Well, isn't that how it goes.

    No sooner did I post my message, than I, seemingly, figured out the solution, thanks to optitech's earlier post, which pointed me in the right direction

    Menu > settings > Applications > Manage applications > All > Media Storage > Clear Data

    I also went ahead and cleared the Messaging data as well, just to be safe.

    Once I did that and restarted, it finished scanning media, and now everything appears to be working.

    Hopefully my problem / solution will help someone in the future.
  23. MommaD

    MommaD Lurker

    Thanks all for the helpful hints & tips! I just fixed mine <finally!> by clearing my Facebook app and relogging on. I wish I had read this forum before deleting all my apps & photos!
  24. YrPainter

    YrPainter Lurker

    It's all about memory hogging apps. Delete some that you don't really use, and the both the low memory and text message memory issues will go away.
  25. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian

    Not always. Even if you have no 3rd party apps installed, if you have thousands of SMS you'll still probably face that problem.

    With this phone, it has to do with the limited amount of RAM in the first place.

    Using a solution like SMS Backup and Restore allows you to archive messages (as opposed to outright deleting them) and still free up the memory for use.
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