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How to tell if text message was read


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Both users must be on the same carrier "usually" unless you are using a special SMS app like "WhatsApp" that can provide that type of information.

ie, on Verizon, you always get a 'Sent' time stamp, and then a "Received time stamp" regardless of what SMS app you use.

I have no direct experience with other carriers, but anytime I send SMS to a user on a different carrier, all I will ever know is "time sent".....

I only use WhatsApp to talk to my son, he is a security freak.


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Ask the person who you sent it to , if they read the message.....

Its possible to get SMS delivery reports (on some networks) but even these aren't 100% reliable.

SMS Doesn't support read receipts, so if you really need these you'd have to use some sort of other messaging system