Help Text messages adding +1 international code to phone numbers.

I am having a interesting issue with my phone that I cannot figure out. When I receive a text message the system adds a +1 to the start of the phone number it is coming from, I am using the Samsung Messages application but this does the same thing apparently with the Google SMS app and the Verizon messenger app (as I have\ tried these as well), this only happens with a text and if I get a phone call or look in the address book no numbers have a +1.

The reason this is an issue is because my car imports my phonebook as it appears in the contacts and when I get a text it comes up as Unknown Caller because of the added +1 but phone calls do not have the +1 so they show up just fine.

While working on this I have discovered that if I go to the text by going to my contacts then clicking on the persons name it will remove the +1 and it will stay removed as I text them but the second I get texted back the +1 is added. I called Verizon eventually and was told reset settings, reset network settings, turn off assisted dialing. None of these work and there next solution was to factory reset, I don't think this will help because it isn't just my phone but my wife and son who also got the same phone have the same thing happen.

Has anyone experienced this and know how to fix it. I have been through all the phone and dev settings looking for something. I cannot find any other threads online for this except for a couple from AT&T users from different samsung phones years ago with no answer. Previous to this we were using Note 9's and did not have this issue. Any help is appreciated.

edit: The phone is not rooted or modded and is on Android 11 One UI 3.1, sorry forgot to add that.


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How are the bumbers stored in the Contacts?
With the '1' or without?

If the answer is 'with', then I would suggest editing the number out.

Yes, I understand what a PITA this is.