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Text messages being converted to MMS

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by goalc, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. goalc

    goalc Member
    Thread Starter

    I hope someone can help .....

    My wife has noticed that when she does a text message, once it has gone over a certain character limit (which seems to be about 50 characters), when she hits send a message comes up saying 'Converting to MMS' (or something like that). On all our other phones, if you do a long text like this it just sends the message as mutliple texts instead of converting to mms.

    What this means is that as it goes as mms instead of a text message, she gets charged for it (she gets unlimted texts on her plan, but this doesnt include mms).

    Is this normal with the SGS, or is there a way to stop it converting to mms ?

    Any help will be appreciated !


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  2. praveen6585

    praveen6585 Member

    Generally an SMS gets converted to MMS when it exceeds a length of 3 messages (480 characters).. Use a third part SMS software like Handcent.. it offers the option to not convert to MMS if the length exceeds that..
  3. goalc

    goalc Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for that, we'll take a look at that. The weird thing is that it is converting them to mms after about 50 characters :thinking:
  4. Helper69

    Helper69 Lurker

    Use the stock app. U can select up to 50 contacts to send. depends on network etc. after you select contact and click done, phone will give 'coverting to mms' notification and send button will be grayed if you have limitation to mms sending amount. either way, start clicking each contact u have selected and it will show you details of that contact. delete all contacts which show no numbers. email addresses or others just delete and the send button will be clickable again. It converts to mms if you have accidentally selected a contact with facebook or email address only information. Now you will be sending as text. Hope this helps. tc.

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