Root Text Messages Vanishing...???

I am on the .595 GB leak and running the Zombiestompted 1.7. (Also I am using Go Sms Pro, if that has ANYTHING to do with this at all.) I will receive messages fine. They show up in the notification bar, but when I click on them and it takes me to Go Sms Pro they are not there...instead of the latest message appearing at the bottom it will be a message that I had received earlier...any thoughts?


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I just checked the stock .595 text messaging app and all of the messages are there and in their correct this just that Go Sms Pro doesn't like GB or what?


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That might be your problem. I would uninstall GO SMS and then reinstall it. See if that helps... if that doesn't head on over to Handcent or to stock ( right now I'm using stock because handcent seems slow on GB)