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Text Messages Won't Come Through Until I Use Phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by msloumaria, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. msloumaria

    msloumaria Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay this is driving me crazy. I've recently noticed that text messages are delayed until I either..

    1. Make or take a call
    2. Restart my phone
    3. Send myself a blank message

    I'm not sure if this could be related or not but it seems to have started at the same time as my husband being away in China. We text each other a lot and his are particularly difficult to prompt. Texts from other senders have been affected too (I think).

    Any ideas?

    HTC Desire S
    Android 2.3.3
    HTC Sense 2.1

  2. notebook

    notebook Android Enthusiast

    This could be related to the T-Mobile ROM (software version) you have on your phone. There's a huge thread on it here with some users reporting text problems.

    A couple of things to try, if you haven't already:-

    Try a soft reset: Power off phone > Remove battery for 30 seconds > Replace battery > Power on phone

    Try clearing any SMS messages on the SIM card: Messages (HTC app) > in the All messages screen, Menu (the key with 3 horizontal lines) > Settings > Text messages (SMS) > Manage SIM card messages > Delete any present (you will permananently delete these is you proceed)

    The software version you have is 'old'. Most other carriers have updated theirs to the Sense 3.0/Android 2.3.5 version. You can check if it's available to you by

    Menu > Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check now

    However, T-Mobile appear to be exceptionally slow at rolling out this update - many Desire S users on T-Mobile still don't have it. There's also the possibility that they've pulled this particular update - meaning you'll have to wait for the next one, and there's no indication as to when, or if, they will release it.

    Other than that, you might want give a factory reset a go, although you will lose all your personal data if you do this, so be advised to back-up or sync what you need to keep.
  3. Linda Gregory

    Linda Gregory Lurker

    I have the same issue with my phone. I only seem to receive text message whenever someone calls me or I call them, and then they all come through at once. My boyfriend spoke to my service provider for me and they said they could do nothing about it. He is a mobile phone technician and he told me to not reset my phone. This has happened for only a few days, but it's very annoying when I am trying to make plans, and I never receive a reply

    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia Z1 Compact, pretty much brand new.
    Android Version: 4.4.4
    Software Version: 14.4.A.0.157
    Service Provider: EE
  4. AforAndroid

    AforAndroid Lurker

    Has anyone figured out a solution to this problem? It just started happening to me as well, out of the blue.

    -Galaxy S4
    -AOSP 5.1.1
  5. NoddersATL

    NoddersATL Lurker

    Did you fix this yet? It's happening to me as well. Please share any info.
  6. mindgame516

    mindgame516 Lurker

    I hated boost mobie
    \I have had this problem for the last two months sincei switched to boost i had a desire and my text were as explained above. i would i owuld have to make a phone call . I finally just went back to metro and ended up gettin a LG sylo for $40. okus the galazy ga=r=ea=aer

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