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Text Messaging Issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cs65dos, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. cs65dos

    cs65dos Lurker
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    Android Version: 2.2
    Network: Orange
    Taskiller Used?: Advanced...
    [Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: No
    Issue: Text Messaging

    Hi all,

    Thanks in advance for help on the below...

    I've had my Desire for 18 months, no problems, love it.

    My phone is all running standard, not really one for heavy tinkering, just use Beautiful Widgets / Folder Organizer and the likes...

    Today, I went to send a text to my girlfriend, standard messaging app that comes with phone, not Handcent... I'm abit oldschool and prefer the standard programme.

    It showed the 'please wait' box which usually disappers after a second or two. After 30 seconds it was still there, so I exited to the home screen. Went back into msg and it was still showing 'please wait' box. So I wait another minute then turn my phone off and on... Usually fixes everything... but not this time!

    Went into msgs... All old messages have disappeared. It will not send texts. The 'please wait' box comes up and after a minute I am asked whether i want to either 'wait' or 'force close'. :(

    I am sure all of you clever people can give me a simple solution. I'm no so worried about retrieving lost messages. I'd just like to be able to get it functioning again!

    I had tried searching for a similar thread on here but failed. Thanks again in advance for reading all of the above and any help that you can provide

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  2. cs65dos

    cs65dos Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorted. Sorry to waste anyone's time.

    If anyone has the same problem, I dismantled my phone - battery, sim, SD... turned it back on and waited about 5 mins for the 'please wait' in messages to disappear.

    My girlfriend replied asking why I'd sent her the same text over and over for the last 20 minutes :p

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