Android Expert
Oct 29, 2009
Mulberry, FL
I have a strange problem going on with Text messaging.

If I get a text, I get the notification in the status bar, and if I am using an app like handcent, I get the popup and I can read the text. If I open the text program, though, absolutely nothing is displayed. No list of contacts or open text messaging.

It started after the update, so I don't know if it is update related or not.

Any ideas?

(Conversation with myself here...)

Sure, Fadelight... I can help.

For starters, you are an idiot.

When you are moving default apps, make sure they are actually just apps. In this particular case, "Mms.apk" was deleted with the belief that it was nothing more than the default messaging program. I was wrong... If this file is moved or deleted, your sms will cease to function. It took me the better part of three hours to figure out how to get it back onto the phone, too. Not one single person that was online for the past three hours had any idea how to put the default apps back. :(

Problem solved... case closed. :)

And no, that wasn't one long babbling post. The second half is an edit. I hate answering my own post with a second post. ;)