Text to Speech Clarifications

I'm a bit confused about the speech-to-text capabilities in or for my Motorola Droid (on Verizon).

I've seen posts about Swype, Ultra Keyboard 4.0, Handsent, inxs, MT3GS, Note Everything, and the G Button / Genius. I've seen posts about using Dragon Dictation on the Droid, but on the Nuance site I don't see that they yet support Droids. I've seen posts about there being a microphone on the virtual keyboard that should allow me to speak my input, but I don't see a microphone on my virtual keyboard. Nor do I have the option of speech-to-text if I long-press on a field; the only option I get is for the Android Keyboard.

I would like to use speech-to-text for long dictation; something paragraph or letter length, not just a search phrase.

I'd appreciate some advice on what's currently available, as-well-as what may be coming down the pipe soon.

Thank you in advance,