Oct 14, 2014
Recently upgraded from Galaxy S7 to the S8. On my previous phones (S5 and S7) I was able to set up text to speech and have the ability to hear and dictate text messages to my various bluetooth devices. I could use either a Samsung app or Google Voice. Even though I have enabled Text-to-Speech (under Language and Input), neither of the options: "Samsung text-to-speech" nor "Google Text-to-speech" works. My bluetooth devices have not changed. I use a Plantronics Voyager and a motorcycle bluetooth device, Sena SMH10. Samsung tech support nor Verizon tech support has been any help at all. The only thing Verizon told me was it might be because Bixby is not fully functional. I can't imagine that Samsung took a step backwards on capabilities, so there must be a solution. Please help!