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Text Twist Turbo: Addictive word building game

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pepperlim, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. pepperlim

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    You see a set of jumbled up letters. Quick! Make as many words as you can! The longer your word, the higher the points. I enjoyed Text Twist on my old Palm and played it for hours.
    Text Twist Turbo has some added twists to Palm’s Text Twist. First, you can skip to the next set of jumbled letters if you have enough points to do so. Second, the set of jumbled letters do not always make a 6-letter word. This means, you don’t have to crack you brains figuring out the 6-letter word. But it does not have a feature to repeat the last word entered; useful to key in plurals and past tenses.
    Its quite a nice game to play if you are into word building. My mum swears games like this will increase your IQ!


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