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Text'd Photos Only Arrive via Sprint Picture Mail

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by n370, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. n370

    n370 Lurker
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    My wife's Evo 4G has only been able to receive texted photos as Sprint Picture Mail links instead of photos within a regular text message conversation. This happens when anyone sends her a photo. The sender is labeled as Sprint Picture Mail. This happens with Handcent and the stock Messages app.

    Our Heros would--on rare occasions--do this randomly and my Evo 3D has (so far) not done this.

    Any other Sprint users having this issue? Know how to get Sprint Picture Mail to stop being an intermediary?


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  2. falconey

    falconey Android Enthusiast

    Pictures should come through as MMS messages. Maybe you guys have an old code still on your account from when pictures were sent via picture mail. Of maybe MMS messaging was shut off on her line somehow.
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  3. This happened to me a couple times and as recent as a month ago (still using a hero, waiting for SGSIIET4G or iphone5). Each time, I called sprint and they reset something in their system. The MMS works after that (and a soft reboot). It seems that MMS started to not work each time I changed my account (add a line, switch to another acct, etc.).
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