Aug 10, 2012
Hello, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and unfortunately I don't have texting in my plan, only internet. and I was wondering if there was an app where I can text and receive texts using my real phone number, instead of a fake number provided by the app. I am willing to pay for one if its necessary.

thanks in advance
Port your number to google voice and then have it forward calls from the google voice number to your new mobile number.

will this work for text messages? if someone were to text my original phone number would I be able to view and respond to it with that?
Would it charge me for text messaging like if I was on a plan? or can I just pay the $20 port fee and go on about texting and all that like normal?
According to the google voice login page it is free texting and calls to the US and cheaply everywhere else. (You currently can not MMS via Google Voice)