Texting App?


Hi everyone. I'm looking at getting a smart phone, but I have a couple questions about Android apps. Specifically, is there an app that lets me send texts via data? Verizon makes me buy a data plan, and if I want unlimited txting, its a different plan. So I end up paying for unlimited txting, AND data. If I can get away without spending the extra 20 a month and just using an app, I'd do that. Anyways, sorry if this question has been answered, I searched and didn't see anything. Thanks in advance!


Android Expert
The only thing I can think of is getting a Google Voice account. You can only get one, though, via invite.

If you're a student though it'll be way easier to get one. As long as you have a .edu email address you're good to go.


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The problem with this is gvoice can have significant delays at times, and if someone texts your real number, yep your getting charged for the text.

Btw-sprint includes texting in their data plans =P

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