Jul 25, 2010
Chicago area
I can text anyone outside my area code, but when I try it with anyone in my area code I get a message that says to use the proper 10 digit phone number. I understand what that means, and have the 10 digit numbers programed for all my contacts, but when I hit on a contact and hit the text button only the 7 digit number comes up. That works fine with voice calls, but not with texting. I've been through my phone 20 times trying to find a way to make it use a 10 digit number for texting, can't find it.
I had a samsumg before and remember it being real anal about 10 digit numbers. Wouldn't even come up in my caller ID if I didn't have it saved in 10 digits.

Did you save them with a 1 and then the 10 digits? If so, remove the one.
I know your problems is going to be something real simple... just cant quite think of what.
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Wow...this happened to me this weekend! I put my nephew's phone number in with the area code, in my contacts, and it still tells me to use a 10 digit number when I try to text him. I didn't use a "1" either in the contacts. Too make this even more confusing to me, my other nephew's phone number is different by only one digit and his works just fine. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?

I just got the phone this weekend, so this forum is going to be sooo helpful because I haven't had a phone like this before.
Just picked up TextPlus. Do any of you use it? What free text app do you like best? I hear good things about Handcent as well. Pros and cons of each?
do you know if there's a way to text with the +1 in place? because when i get rid of the +1 and send the text it's fine then i get a text back and the damn +1 comes back.. i think i have to delete the whole conversation each time i get a text back..