Texting problems after most recent update

While texting, I used to have a microphone icon that would dictate voice to text. Now, the only microphone icon that appears records an actual voice message. (1) How do I get the voice to text option back? (2) At the same time, the predictive word line above the QWERTY keys would provide suggested words as I started to type them. That feature also went away and I would like it back. Does anyone know how to fix these issues?


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Like @Clementine_3 suggests, both the microphone button for voice-to-text and the predictive suggestions are powered by the software keyboard you're using. Have you recently installed or switched to a different keyboard app?

If you're using Gboard, long-press the comma key to access the settings. From there, go to Voice Typing and ensure that the Use voice typing option is enabled. Also go to Text Correction and make sure the Show suggestion strip option is enabled.


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You didn't say what Text App you use or Keyboard.
I use Signal & the microphone in the chat window is for audio & the mic in the keyboard is for text.
hope that helps.