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Texting timing issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by epiclesis, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. epiclesis

    epiclesis Lurker
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    Hi all. :) Just joined because I just converted to the smartphone world yesterday and already having issues.

    My husband has an Optimus S, and I don't have the issue with him. My mother has a Chocolate on Verizon, and my friend has an iPhone on Verizon, and another friend has a Blackberry (?) on AT&T and I have issues with all three of them.

    Say I send a message to Sally at 9:31pm, she messages me back 2 minutes later, but it comes up as having received at like 4:33pm, so above my sent message, I send one back a minute later, and it comes up that I sent at 9:34pm, she sends one back 2 minutes later, but it comes up as 4:36pm, and now both of her messages are above my two messages.

    It's confusing, it's inconvenient, I'm missing messages, and it's hurting my head! Please help! :D

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  2. go to the app store and download go sms or handcent sms that should fix your problem plus with go sms you can use Iphone emojis with the emoji plug in! (also in the play store)
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  3. epiclesis

    epiclesis Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks so much! I got the app and haven't had any issues. And I like how it pops up. :)
  4. Glad I could help :)

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