Help Texts I send getting @ added after every character


On some texts I send, an ampersand is being added after every character!

The weird thing is that it's not doing it on all texts. The first time it happened was when I replied to a Fb comment, when it appeared as "@A@c@c@o@r@d@i@n@g@ @t@o@ @t@h@e@ @v@e@r@y@ @n@i@c@e@ @m@a@n@ @f@r@o@m@ @J@o@h@n@ @m@o@o@r@e@ @.@.@.@" But not all my posts (sent by SMS) were like that. And then a text to my mom's iphone did the same thing.

Trying to figure it out, I read that it was because they were too long. This makes sense because the other texts were short... but why the heck does it do this? My old "non-smart" rumor touch could figure out to split it into 2 messages and this thing can't???

Then I forwarded the same message to my husband and it split the message into 3, and the first 2 parts looked fine, but the 3rd said "No content" and the message was truncated.

What's going on and how can I fix it???