Help Texts not sending. Need Restart


On a much more frequent basis the texts I try to send will not go until I have done a restart. After a restart I also frequently find messages sent to me some time before which hadn't been delivered.

When I have the problem I frequently get some lame message about the service not being available. This is my second Galaxy S2 and it has been the same on both.

Any clues here? My son, with an S3, never experiences the problem.


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Switch SIMs with him for a while. See if it's the phone or the account. (You're going to make someone take responsibility for this, so first make sure whose fault it is. TMobile didn't make the phone and Samsung doesn't run the network.)


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Thanks for the suggestion but neither of us is keen on switching SIMS and fielding each other's calls and texts, not even for a little while. He's also on T-Mobile.