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Support Texts send to people's email??

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by ConfusedDroid27, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. ConfusedDroid27

    Thread Starter

    I'm so confused and will try my best to explain what's going on...

    I created contacts for people I work with in my phone by hand, I didn't transfer data from my old phone. I used Sync.me to connect my contacts to their facebook photos, no other info.

    When I text them it sends to their mobile number but then if i back out of the text and come back to view the thread again it no longer says their phone number but their EMAIL instead! Not their typical email but the email version of their phone number.

    Little background, for work we send mass texts via email. For example Jane doe's email would be 6580000000@vtext.com or something like that. We can send out texts to everyone's phones like this. My first thought was somehow my work email contacts were syncing and connecting with my contacts list.

    The issue? My work email is not, and has NEVER been synced with my contacts on this phone or any other. I have my work email on my laptop (mac) but I have not synced my phone with my laptop obviously because Mac can't sync with android. I signed into my gmail contacts and looked to see if they might be there, but it's just my normal contacts! I've checked the contacts on all the other emails associated with my device, persona, student, icloud, and none of them have those weird text-email contacts either!!

    Here's the kicker, when I go under contact details there is NO email associated with the contact or if there is it's not the text email. When I go to the text thread and look up the contact it says I can create it or add it to a contact because the email doesn't exist on my phone.

    So where on earth is android grabbing these email-text addresses from and why is it taking a text sent to a phone number and magically swapping the thread over to an email?

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


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