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Thank goodness! I figured out how to put m3u playlists on the EVO and have certain players....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Connectz, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Connectz

    Connectz Android Enthusiast
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    For the life of me I couldn't get any of the players besides Doubletwist to play my m3u playlists! Doubletwist worked but it was just waaayyyy to slow. I come from the iPhone and iPod where it was super easy to get your music on your device.

    So with that said, and this may be knowledge that most of you already know, but Im gonna post it because it may help someone.

    I created a folder titled "Music" in the root section of the SD card. Opened up iTunes and found the playlist I wanted to have on my EVO. Right clicked on the playlist title (in itunes) and exported the playlist as an m3u file on my desktop.

    Opened the Music folder on my EVO and simply dragged and dropped the m3u file into the music folder. Then, I went back to iTunes, selected all the songs in that playlist, and dragged and dropped those songs into the Music folder on my EVO.

    Disconnected the EVO after the transfer was complete and fired up Btunes. BOOM! My playlist and all corresponding songs were there! I checked Doubletwist and the playlist showed there too!

    So I hooked the EVO back up and transferred a bunch more playlists (about 6 gigs worth) and Btunes and DoubleTwist showed those too!

    So right now, Btunes and DoubleTwist (the only two I tried) work with this method. While it may not keep track of playcounts and things like that, it does work for now.

    Hope this helps someone else!

    EDIT: 3 Cubed shows the playlists and the songs in the playlist but it won't play the songs.

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  2. Thanks for the tip man. I'll probably be back to ask you some questions if (when...heh) i screw it up! lol
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  3. Connectz

    Connectz Android Enthusiast
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    Its all good! Ask away!
  4. jonnybravo

    jonnybravo Lurker

    Thanks for the tip! I'm new to Android (have had my Epic for 4 days).

    Is this the only way that we have though?

    I have 25 main play lists that take songs from over 8 folders on my computer's hard drive. The total number of songs are nearly 1500.

    On both Windows MObile and my old BB...there was their respective desktop managers to do so. I would just drag and drop the playlist into the phone and the list and associated mp3's (from all over my computer's drive) would get copied over automatically.

    I'm actually STUNNED that it isn't this simple on Android. A little upsetting actually since using this phone as an mp3 player is ideal and given the fact that it seems like this OS handles just about everything better than my old phones.

    Very, very, very stupid unless I'm missing something. I have to be, I can't fathom that a near perfect OS missed the boat on something so basic.

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