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Thank jssa28, cm10.1 can use

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fuzhan8, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. fuzhan8

    fuzhan8 Member
    Thread Starter

    English is not good, jssa28, Thank you very much

    If necessary, please see here

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  2. herry ep

    herry ep Member

  3. fuzhan8

    fuzhan8 Member
    Thread Starter


    Don't know if you can download, can not download I didn't also the way
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  4. herry ep

    herry ep Member

    ok thank you so much.. :eek:
  5. torch2424

    torch2424 Newbie

    Thank you fuzhan8 for your hard work! I really like your rom, its a good alternative to the other jellybean roms!

    Anyways fellow htc Evo design 4g users, pretty much whats going on is that fuzhan8 is a guy from china who created a cm 10.1 rom for our phone using jssa's help! it's android 4.2.2 so it's jelybean, and in my opinion it is very good! Here's some notes that I took, and if you are having trouble downloaing it, just reply and I'll offer a link, I hope it is okay with fuzhan8. Anyways, here are my notes on my rom experience (I am a freedompop user):

    -max processor set at 2 ghz very unsafe lower it, I lowered mine to about 1500

    -has cyanogenmod login instead of gapps, and default language is chinese, simply choose english

    -battery icon default circle, can be changed in settings

    -haptic feedback turned off in sound settings

    -back camera working

    -front camera working

    -video not working

    -bluetooth seems to be working, couldnt test

    -wifi working

    -no way to test sprint networks, but freedompop data working, which runs off of sprint

    -youtube not working

    -headphones working

    -I do not think it requires gapps, but i flashed slim gapps just in case from jssa's slimbean to be safe, you may not need it

    -freedompop takes a little while to show up

    -very smooth!

    -apparently the led on the outside do weird things according to post, but I saw it as fine, it just shows different colors than normal

    -4g not sure, not in 4g area to test, but im assuming cyanogenmod is made for 4g phones, it would have a 4g option

    -quick settings pulldown auto enabled, in settings

    -original thread says default browser fc's download alternative

    -several soft reboots

    -play store a bit buggy for me(alternative download apps to your device from web if you have problems), and various force closes across apps

    -not very stable, but can be used as a daily if needed
  6. Mikessv

    Mikessv Android Enthusiast

    4.2.2 is still Jelly Bean, I think you meant 4.4.2
  7. torch2424

    torch2424 Newbie

    Oh, i thought 4.1 was jelly bean and 4.2 was kit kat. My apologies, its a JB rom then
  8. fuzhan8

    fuzhan8 Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks!Hope someone can improve it
  9. cars113

    cars113 Newbie

    to get it to be stable go to settings>performance>processor and change the maximum cpu frequency to less than 2016 Mhz and youtube does work on chrome browser
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  10. Denya92

    Denya92 Lurker

    Hello, man! This is a god rom i think, but could you change the default cpu frequency to 1500mhz. because when i install the rom, it freezes on the first start when asking me to chose lang, or to configure the wifi. I tried to reboot for many times and there was no success.
  11. cars113

    cars113 Newbie

    Once you change the cpu frequency and then reboot, it will stay like that and if u use an older version of youtube, it will work on this rom. :D
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  12. Denya92

    Denya92 Lurker

    That's the point i can't boot the system. It freezes on the start.
    What may cause this?
    What version of Gapps must be installed?
    I am using the USC Hero S
  13. maikalwolf

    maikalwolf Member

    Any updates to the problems last posted by Denya?

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