Root Thank you Colchiro!! (again)


I finally got my NC to turn on...thanks SO much!
I used the restore to 1.3 thread and thankfully, I had saved the restore 1.3 zip, from a prior incident :rolleyes:!

Now, another question. (such a noob)

I previously disabled OTA with Sqlite editor. I would now like to upgrade my unrooted 1.3 to 1.4.1 or 1.4.3 and then root.
The NC is not recognizing the stock 1.4.3 image from B & N. Do I now have to root my 1.3 and then install Sqlite editor and change the value, to allow updates? I was under the impression that since I supposedly, "restored to stock 1.3", that OTA block would be uninstalled.
Sorry, if this is a silly question. I would really appreciate some guidance on how to go from here. I want to stay with a stock ROM and root with manual nooters.
Again, thanks to all who deal with the "Noob syndrome"!


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Sorry, I have no experience with B&N software so bear with me.

If you restored to stock 1.3 and wiped data, it should update on it's own (whether you want it to or not :D), as long as it's idle and wifi turned on.

If you didn't wipe data and you still had apps and settings immediately on boot, it might not update.