Root Thanks for all the fish =)


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Thank you K0nane, Silvist, Tiede, PlayfulGod, and anyone else who has bothered to even program all these wonderful things for the POS that is the Galaxy Indulge. Especially you K0nane, Electric Sheep & Basix made my phone not suck as much. You all made life with my Indulge tolerable.

I have now replaced my Indulge with the new Connect 4G, but before I leave I wanted to say thanks...

For those who are still running the Indulge with Basix + Electric Sheep... I recommend trying out ADW Launcher EX. It was so smooth and stable on my phone before I got rid of it. Just a warning, you will have to either Freeze Launcher Pro with Titanium Backup, uninstall Launcher Pro, or use a launcher switcher. Because Launcher Pro & ADW Launcher EX at the same time will slow the Indulge to a crawl. I suspect both the launchers where fighting for the limited resources the Indulge has...

Well anyways thanks for all the fish! You all where awesome!!! :)

Reaper man

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I think it's going to be interesting watching the Indulge community dwindle down to about a handful.

I'll probably move on sometime in December or whenever they release a qwerty ICS phone.


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Thanks for your support. Come hang out with Shabbypenguin, markolo25, PlayfulGod and I in #hitsquad. Some of your fellow Connect owners are there too.