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Thanks for the help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by badassballer, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. badassballer

    badassballer Member
    Thread Starter

    I have given away my xperia x10 mini and have switched back to windows mobile - several reasons but not going to go in2 the details of all that - Just wanted to thank this forum and the members on here like MiniDroid and all for their continuous support and suggestions that have made using the android platform just that much easier and better - Whenever i get another android will return - Hope the forums continue strong -

  2. MiniDroid

    MiniDroid Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear that Android wasn't the thing for you right now.
    Hope to see you soon.

    I guess the x10 mini wasn't the best phone to start with or get the best Android experience (after all it's on 1.6 and have its limits).
    There's many things I just hate about the phone but I'll keep it just because of the small and friendly shape.

    Also I guess that "Do no evil" from Google is crap, just take a look at how badly the Market is working across the globe. Apples app store is slightly better there (I just own a ipod). But in the end, windows mobile is the most open at the moment and I miss my custom rom for my htc tytn II (but not the heavy and large phone).

    But instead of running away and hope for the best to come later I'll stay and fight :)
    I'll keep an eye on the root and rom builders and hopefully during the coming year I'll find time to develop on the android platform and fix all that I'm not happy with.

    On the upside I must confess that I seem to be one of few with ok battery lifetime on my phone. And understand those who need to charge it twice a day (I'm steady on 4-5 days now). And all in all it serves me well and that has a lot to say for my keeping it.
  3. Harreem

    Harreem Newbie

    Ahh, that's a shame man.. but at least you are satisfied :p

    My choices for a phone were between the X10 Mini, and the HTC Touch 2. Both the exact same monthly price, and the exact same data allowances, but I have to admit I made my choice because I am sceptical about Windows Mobile.

    After toying around with symbian (which I think has a VERY eye soring UI), I thought that Windows would be the same, so I stuck with Android.. and I love it.

    My Mini's battery life is very good also, but at times I wish the screen was larger, and also the phone itself, due to the fact that whenever I take it out in public, all of my friends ask me 'What the hell? Is that a phone??' etc. But overall I am quite satisfied, as texting during School is a breeze :D
  4. badassballer

    badassballer Member
    Thread Starter

    @MiniDroid - Hopefully you do get the time to develop the android project and work on it - i wish i knew how and i would have tried to do something as well - i guess thats one of the best things about the android - the way it can be developed so openly - but yea i mean i have had experiences with the android phones before this one as well (i have this very weird habit of switching phones every couple of weeks - i keep changing them!) - but yea i haven't run away from it completely - i will most probably return to the android eventually again - the battery life was good enough i suppose but my usage included a lot of wifi etc which drained the battery much faster (compared to some other operating systems) - your right about the android 1.6 as the chosen platform (as they could have come out with the 2.1 to begin with but at least they are still putting out an update soon enough thankfully) - the market had issues like you have mentioned else where on the forums here - and because of the size of the phone, there were also limitations in terms of being able to use apps / softwares etc (like i wanted to put the half qwerty htc android keyboard on it and when i did the damn keyboard wouldn't even show up hahah because it was too big for the screen!) but its all good - hopefully these forums continue with the good work

    @Harreem - I just switched over to the htc touch 2 - i've had my experiences with the windows mobile platform for a while now (as i mentioned i keep switching phones every couple of weeks getting a new one) - i've had a chance to use the windows mobile 5, windows 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5 (as the htc touch2 comes with windows 6.5) - the x10 is better in terms of touch sensitivity when being used by fingers only (obviously because of the capacitive touch screen) but the rate at which i can just flash roms and radios etc on the htc touch2 is great too - i just wish they'd had made the x10 in a way which would have enabled people like us to flash them and all that stuff that you can do with other android devices but hopefully all that will get done eventually! Your right about the way people react to the x10 in regards to its size! one of the best things about it -

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