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I don't know if it's just me, but I am not seeing the Thanks button any more.


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As a matter of fact, I'm missing the quote button too. I went to the bottom and selected AF Mobile, then the buttons appeared. But when I go back to the full site, they're gone.


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The only time they are missing for me is after I hit the thanks button and it glitches. Usually a refresh of the page will solve the issue.

It's possible we got hit by a bug. Try a refresh and if it doesn't help I'll alert admin of the issue.:)

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I can see it now but it vanished a few times yesterday for no obvious reason. Maybe someone is meddling with improving the site's code.


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maybe you are being ... deleted from the interwebs?

thank me later.

ooooooo... I am 1 post from 10k posts!!! damn!!
I am afraid to make another post. might be over my limit!
get deleted from the interwebs like the OP