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The application People (process com.android.htccontacts) has stopped unexpectedly. DRIVING ME MAD!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Curdy, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Curdy

    Curdy Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Device: HTC Desire
    Carrier: Orange UK
    Country: UK
    OS: Android 2.2

    Hi everyone,

    Since I downloaded Android 2.2 onto my HTC Desire, I seem to have been having major problems with the 'people' app. All of my phone contacts are automatically linked totheir corresponding facebook contacts. Up to now I have been able to view my facebook friends' fb pics by going into each contact on my phone and clicking on the 'gallery' button. However, every time I click on the gallery button a message appears on the screen that says 'the application people (process com.android.htccontacts) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again.'

    I googled the problem and found someone on one forum that came up with the following solution:

    "You have to go to:

    settings - accounts and sync

    turn off auto sync and then remove your facebook account from the "manage accounts"

    Go back into the "people" application and go to "online directories" (the little globe) then go to facebook. re-enter your details.

    hopefully after resetting it all. the problem should go away.

    the annoying thing is, you have to go back through and link all your contacts to their facebook accounts again."

    I followed this to the letter, and have now manually re-linked my phone contacts to their fb profiles. I now have the problem that when I click on the gallery button it says on the screen that I can 'link' the phone contact to a profile contact...........but as I said, I have already done this, so why is it telling me to link the contacts?! Surely the phone contact should be linked to the fb profile, so I should be able to see the pics????

    This is really doing my head in, and I've had to resist the strong temptation to delete all of my contacts, wipe the phone and start from scratch. Arrrrgh!!!!!! I've tried calling orange, but every time I get through to someone in Delhi who, whilst being very courteous and sympathetic, has no idea what I'm talking about lol!!!

    Any help will be much appreciated!!!! :D

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  2. Evocati

    Evocati Lurker

    I found that if I tried to apply a vcf that had contacts with pics in place, the file would fail. If you can, go back to the original VCF source (your old phone, or w/e), removed the pics and just re-apply them once you get the contacts on your new phone.

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