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Support The battery life is killing me.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by MikesTooLz, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    I dont see how a phone manufacturer can truely sell a phone with battery life this bad.

    I'm hoping some company comes up with a replacement back cover that has an intigrated battery that can hold twice the charge. It would make the phone bigger and heavier, but at least I wouldnt be walking around with a phone that I cant use.

    It's bad when you have to keep a charger in your pocket at all times and plug the phone in when ever you stop someplace.


  2. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    on 4g its terrible and so is the craft..i live in a non 4g market and i get a good day and a half out of this battery

    i have a feeling the 4g phones are gonna suck as far as battery life goes, verizon included
  3. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    yeah will they should have made half the phone a big battery instead of adding a keyboard.

    They add stuff that consumes more power to the phone and still use a standard size battery that would be used in a normal feature phone.

    Right now its 11:30AM here and the phone is at 31% and I haven't really done much of anything on it. Read maybe 3 emails and responded to 1 text message, no web browsing.

    in settings its showing the phones display as using up 71% of the power consumed. Everything else is 5% or less. I have brightness all the way down with autoadjust turned off.
  4. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    wow, thats ridiculous
  5. nps531

    nps531 Well-Known Member

    indeed ^

    that is a good ass idea though mike a back cover/battery. i dont understand my ipod touch is so much smaller has 2 cameras a phone (text free w/ voice) always on it with wifi playing games and listening to music and i get 2 days use out of it.
  6. rjsweesy

    rjsweesy Well-Known Member

    its a LIPO(lithium polymer) battery in the apple products, check em out on google...we use LION(lithium ion)

    supposed to get twice the charge and power out of them, the downside is you have to keep some sort of charge on them or they flatline
  7. Silvist

    Silvist Android Enthusiast

    Some crazy engineer could probably design a way to make a bigger battery fit. Just takes some skill and ingenuity. Just like you mod cars or computers. Biggest problem hands down is not enough people have this phone lol.
  8. MikesTooLz

    Thread Starter

    I'm going to have to look into those USB phone charging Battery packs that is a big battery that you can carry around and charge up the phone.
  9. ickster

    ickster Android Enthusiast

    Yep the battery life sucks real bad. Full day out and about and changed/swapped my battery three (!)....(!) times! Just exactly like Mike sez'...."you have to keep a charger in your pocket at all times and plug the phone in when ever you stop someplace"
    Pretty bad.
    If you look on the Samsung website, you see a bunch of extended batteries and enlarged back covers like Mike and Silvist envision. So must be coming for ours. I'd sure buy it.
    But I couldn't live without the keyboard. I just have to many fatfinger issues.

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