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The "Best (Category) App" thread list

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by woop, May 15, 2011.

  1. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA)
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    Feb 7, 2010

    Here are a list of threads containing the "Best _______ app." This should serve as a resource for those looking for recommendations for an app to complete a certain task or to fit into a particular category (i.e. best messaging app, best calender app, etc.). See what others think and post your own favorites!

    If you have another "Best ______ app" that you would like to add to this list, please PM me or a member of the forum staff with the particular thread.

    Best Applications, Games, Widgets and MORE!
    A Comprehensive List of Top Must Have Android Apps (100+ best apps with descriptions)
    The Android Apps List

    What is the best SMS program?
    Best SMS messaging app?
    What is your favorite SMS client?
    Best messaging app out there? Help!

    Best IM App? Sidekick Quality
    Best Instant Messenger?!

    Best "Paid For" Apps

    Best Calendar App?
    Best Personal Calendar / Planner / Organizer

    Best Password Manager App??

    Best Contacts App?

    What is the best word processor app?

    Best alternative to Skype on Android??
    best video chat app

    Best live sports scores app

    Best Non-Rooted Tethering Program

    Best PDF reader?

    Which is the best missed call, text and media message reminder for Droid?

    Best Apps to SD application

    Best Alarm Clock App?

    Best Twitter app?
    best twitter app

    Best Facebook App

    What is the best car finder application?

    Best RSS App for Droid?

    Best app for tracking kids?

    Best browser
    Best Third Party Browser
    Which browser do you prefer?
    What Is The Best Internet Browser To Use?

    Best Apps You Won't Find In Market

    Best podcatcher (podcast) app?

    Fav app for jogging?

    Best notepad app?

    Best camera app?
    best panoramic software

    best keyboard?
    Best Keyboard Applications for Android?
    What is the best keyboard?

    Best Phone Lock Apps?

    best e-book reader?

    what's the best app killer?
    What is your favorite Task Killer/Manager?

    Best Weather App??

    Best file manager?

    Best Google Reader app?

    Best third party music app?
    The Best Music Player??
    DoubleTwist, MixZing, bTunes, Cubed... best media player?

    Best To-Do List
    Best To Do list

    Best screenshot app?

    Best BT/WiFi/GPS toggle widgets...
    best news widgets?
    Most Wanted Widgets
    Favorite Sports Scores Widget?
    Best rss WIDGET


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