Oct 6, 2010
I have large hands and a small phone. Then the title say's it all. :)
Well if your phone is small that in itself could be a problem... the Droid X is your friend! lol. Really though I don't think a traditional keyboard would be very good for you then. I would recommend SlideIt. It's like Swype and would probably be better for your bigger fingers. Either that or a T9 keyboard such as black bolts, however I wouldn't strongly recommend any T9 keyboards for android. I've tried most if not all of the major T9 keyboard apps and the best one, black bolts, is mediocre. You can buy both SlideIt and Black Bolts and see which one you like and refund the other, or refund both if you're not happy with either. :p
Definitely try a slide keyboard like Swype or SlideIt.... and don't give up just because you aren't fast on it after 20 minutes of use. It does have a slight learning curve before you'll be up to speed, but once you get the hang of it, you can go faster than tapping or even a physical keyboard.
The onscreen keyboard drove me mad in upright orientation until I tried SlideType keyboard (free in Market). It works completely differently from the others and is very, very easy to use - and error-free - if you have chunky fingers like me.

Probably not the fastest but it's got to be the simplest.