Help The Case of the Disappearing App

I wanted to download Overkill, but it is massive game and takes up 50 mb. So, I deleted a few apps and got just about 53 mb of space left on the phone. After, I got the message saying that my phone was low on space which I assumed to be correct because the game would only leave 3 mb left. However, when I try to look for Overkill, I cannot find the app. It is not under settings>manage applications. I also cannot find it on App2Sd. It seems to think that I have never even installed the app because when I go to market it says the app is not on my phone. I have 50 mb of space taken up but no app. I can't reinstall too because I only have 3 mb left. I turned it on and off too...

What am I supposed to do? Is there a way I can get rid of this 50 mb that is supposed to be overkill.


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Hmmm... I deleted both folders and nothing happened.

Maybe I should just do a hard reset. I did it a few weeks ago for other reasons so I don't have to much on my phone.

I think I found it. It was under /data/cache as downloadfile.apk