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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cammykool, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    Anyone get their new (updated) Poetic slim case? Supposedly got shipped last week but I was out of town. I got an email promising that everything is fixed now.

    Really? I have not heard this or experienced it. There's no reason why it should; it doesn't rely on the device's CPU or anything. It's just a magnetic field sensor.

    Could it be that the cover is wiggling and keeps waking the device up and then putting it back to sleep again?


  2. binary visions

    binary visions Android Expert

    I have the new Poetic case and it's definitely improved.

    Back lays flat, the magnets hold the lid down, and the stitching/sealing actually appears to be a little bit tighter (though that might just be case variation).

    I like it. I wish there were something thinner, but it'll do for now.
  3. Homan13PSU

    Homan13PSU Android Enthusiast

    Been rocking a CruzerLite Androidified Clone Army case in smoke. I've been using one on my Galaxy Nexus since I got it and figured I'd give this one a go as well. I definitely dig this case; while the 7 was very easy to hold to start with because of its textured back, this case made it even easier. The Andy's on the back are textured giving you that little bit of extra assurance that you're not going to drop your Nexus, not that you should anyways.

    If you're looking for a slim TPU case definitely consider one of these.

  4. Crusnik23

    Crusnik23 Lurker

    Has anyone tried any of the portenzo or rook cases for the nexus? I'm a little curious just because I was considering the treegloo case from the post a page or so back but after reading a ton of bad reviews from iPad users that said they never received their case or it was cracked I tend to shy away especially considering that much money on a case. After poking around a little it looks like portenzo and rook case offer similar cases for cheaper and better reviews so anyone have any experience?
  5. bamfmike

    bamfmike Lurker

    I bought the same case while I was picking up my n7 at staples. I like the look and feel of the case, how easy it is to view at an angle, and it seems that it would offer a good amount of protection as the leather is pretty thick.

    However, I agree with you that it is extremely difficult to access the power / volume buttons. I also don't like that there isn't an wake feature to the cover as it is magnetized. Did you wind up returning the case and if so, which case did you get?
  6. burtonvdp

    burtonvdp Android Enthusiast

    Not sure if anyone has noticed yet but SEIDIO | Google Nexus 7

    I'm looking at getting as soon as it hits amazon. I have a credit to burn. Not sure about the cover yet though...

    I'm using the Moco case now and the quality is very good... Still haven't had any problems but I find myself not using the stand much and feel the extra bulk just gets in the way (For me and how I use it).
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  7. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

    I've been waiting on this too, although I was hoping they could somehow work a kickstand into the case.
  8. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    The active one with multi-purpose cover has a kickstand.
  9. LoBatt

    LoBatt Android Enthusiast

    Yeah I see that the cover has a stand which allows for multiple viewing angles, which I like. I was hoping for a kickstand in the case itself like the Active for the Gnex. I'll probably get the cover.
  10. nehcney

    nehcney Lurker

    Just a warning, I put my Nexus 7 in a Blurex case (same as the Moko, Poetic, etc.) and I loved it...until I dropped it from a height of about 2.5 feet onto an edge. This case does not protect the sides of the tablet and the edge caught one of the exposed sides. The result was a shattered screen that no longer works.

    Had to shell out $273 for a new one + a protection plan.

    EDIT: Another issue with this case, I haven't even had it for a month and already the curved bit that protrudes from the side to close the case is no longer holding as well. If I turn the whole thing upside-down, the front cover easily falls out.
  11. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Android Enthusiast

    I use this one the most, but I am not 100% happy with it. I did not pay anywhere near that though..

    M-Edge | Products | Incline Case

    I also bought this one: The keyboard works well, but I do not like the texture of the case, and it does make it pretty bulky. I do NOT like how it latches closed, what a PITA.


    I am considering one of the Treegloo cases, but don't know for sure that I want to drop the hammer @ $70 after shipping
  12. danaj

    danaj Android Enthusiast

    I have the same case in a different color, and yes it is a smart case.
  13. tmaertin

    tmaertin Newbie

    I received my Gumdrop Droptech yesterday!

    After using it for a day I am impressed. Very rugged - thick silicon and a solid, plastic ring. Built in screen protection. Access to all ports and holes for ventilation all in the correct locations.

    I would have preferred the interior plastic had a second piece that ran on the bottom as well (similar to my phone's otterbox), but thats my only negative comment.

    here are some pics as well!

    Attached Files:

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  14. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    Why does it have those extra flappy things at the ports? And where are those ventilation holes? :p
  15. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking those "flappy things" provide cable plug support and could save some possible damage to cables and the ports themselves. On more than one occasion I've caught the charge cable on something while picking up my N7 and was truly worried that I may have damaged something. Enough times doing that and I'm sure the micro USB/charge socket will be damaged. Same goes for the earphone port. If I wasn't so broke right now I think I'd grab one of these cases. Looks like a pretty nice piece.

  16. tmaertin

    tmaertin Newbie

    Haha those little vents holes are tough to see. TurboJoe is right those are covers for the USB and headphone ports.

    I agree at 50 bucks its a tad pricey, but IMHO the protection it gives is worth it. I like what basically amounts to off road tire tread on the back - this thing does not slide at all.
  17. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    Oh yeah, I couldn't see how those aligned to the plastic earlier, I was looking from a 3.7inch screen :p
    Should be handy if you take it outside a lot, prevent dust from getting in your ports. I don't see how TurboJoe is right tho, I can't make much sense of his cable argument.

    It looks really cool with both covers on, but as you said it's quite pricey. To me it wouldn't be worth it, I wouldn't spend a quarter of my tablet's price on a case. But that's just me, knowing the alternatives :)
  18. Turbojoe

    Turbojoe Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately there isn't a view of the ports with the case fully assembled. Look at both halves and you'll see that those "flappy things" are on both sides of the case. I had to look closely to figure it out. It looks to me like it will keep plugs from getting yanked out at an angle and possibly damaging the connectors on the board. Just my take based on what I see in the pictures. I could be completely wrong though. Wouldn't be the first time. ;)

  19. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    I think they're on one side, since they need to be able to close. If anything were to provide support against cable movement, it would probably be the plastic part where the flappies go in :p That rubber would provide little to no support.
    But I don't know, those plastic holes seem a bit too wide to provide real support.
    Hard to make out tho.
  20. seidioseidio

    seidioseidio Android Enthusiast

    Seidio ACTIVE and ACTIVE with Multi-Purpose Cover in black is now shipping!
  21. illinifan2001

    illinifan2001 Newbie

    Hey what's a good case for the galaxy s3? Ive been looking for a while but I want something unique and cool not some crappy plastic cover...
  22. brunix

    brunix Lurker

    Hi @ all,
    I'm new in this forum and I'm from Naples Italy.
    I'll be a Nexus 7 owner, just waiting for 32GB version.
    Anyway I'm looking for the perfect case for my future baby :)
    In a first moment I'll look at Tregloo case, very beautiful and stylish.
    So looking on the net for similar cases I found the Portenzo's cases.


    It's similar to Treegloo but a lot of people say that it's better (searching in google "Tregloo vs Portenzo ipad2 case").
    Any one have got one ?
    Having to make order from Italy would be sure to buy a good product.
    Thank's to everyone,
  23. illinifan2001

    illinifan2001 Newbie

    cool case never heard or seen of it but I heard of a cool case today called the BAK case...looks pretty cool..its a leather phone case that is basically like a wallet that connects to your phone..i've seen others like it but this one seems pretty nice! Anyone know anything about it?

  24. Teknologic

    Teknologic Android Expert

    I wonder if you're able to get any good audio from the speakers in that wooden case.
    The bak one seems like a startup business with the S3 as their only product, I don't know if you can count on a N7 case anytime soon...
  25. brunix

    brunix Lurker

    Portenzo has created what they call an

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