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"The contact doesn't exist" error message (not user profile related))

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tarndale, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Tarndale

    Tarndale Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all.
    Nexus 5 running 6.0.1
    Stock Contacts and Google Messenger apps but Contacts come from (a) My office Exchange server (using NINE app) and (b) others added to phone manually.

    Until the latest Android update (possibly) I could be using Messenger and then tap the Exchange contact's photo and be presented with their details (from Contacts presumably) for editing.

    After the latest update ( not totally sure if this was indeed the turning point), tapping the Exchange contact's photo within Messenger is rewarded with the "The contact doesn't exist" error message.

    My own user profile/photo is set and does not give this error from within Messenger.

    Manually added Contacts (via the phone) do not show the error when tapping their coloured circle.

    If I go to the Contacts App itself and tap on their photo, all the person's details are presented with no error message.

    So, it seems, the Contact does 'exist' as shown in the Contacts-App but now the Messenger-App says otherwise.

    I am guessing there is now a disconnect between Exchange-added contacts and manual phone-added people.
    I have not tracked updates to either the NINE or the Google Messenger apps so cannot be sure of the precise time the problem showed up.

    Any clues ?
    Neil - New Zealand

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  2. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    It almost sounds like your exchange contacts are not being made available to the contacts data source that Messenger accesses. The contact photo may still be cached (which would result in it showing up), but when you tap it, it tries to get to the actual contact detail, and doesn't find it.

    You may want to contact the Nine app developer to see if they have a suggestion on how to get this to work. Maybe removing the Nine app and re-adding it back might solve the issue (not sure)

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