The cooler logo: Android or Apple?

The cooler logo is:

  • The Android

    Votes: 33 57.9%
  • The Apple

    Votes: 8 14.0%
  • They're both cool

    Votes: 9 15.8%
  • They're both stupid

    Votes: 7 12.3%

  • Total voters


Android Enthusiast
Regardless of which phone is better, which of the two logos is cooler, the white apple or the green android?


Android Expert
I dont know....this is a tough one for I probably would vote both stupid...

That lil green robot is fat.


Well-Known Member
there is no question. the robot. the thing about it is, it's not just a static emblem, it changes colors, designs and even poses. sure apple can color their symbol or put a neat little design in it, but they can never do what the robot can... show expresion.


Android Expert
^Good point.

I like some of the different Android logos I seen around the net. The original green one just aint doing it for me.


Destroying Balls Everyday
I personally like both. I like the Android more because it has a personality, but the Apple one isn't bad either since the company is called Apple.


Android Expert
Apple mascot idea:

See, the turtleneck's got hepa filters to protect you from those evil Flash games


Android Expert
I always wondered why the Apple logo has a bit out of it. It's like saying "Hey, we're good, but there's something missing!" Maybe that is where Flash goes? Anyways, I voted for the Android logo, it has some personality to it.


Android Expert
Something that I've always wondered... why is the Apple bitten?
Some reference to a byte?

I think Apple's logo is the cooler of the two, it seems classier to me than the cartoonish Android.

I'm willing to bet the Android logo won't have the longevity the Apple logo has had.