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Tips The cure for short battery life!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dan-droid, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Member
    Thread Starter

    I have solved the problem of short battery life! Pick up a half dozen of these:

    Amazon.com: Rapid Travel Home Wall Charger (CLA) for HTC myTouch 3G Slide: Cell Phones & Accessories

    I keep one at my desk at work, one at my desk at home, one bedside, I carry one with me in my briefcase, just put them wherever you go throughout the day. I realized a few days ago how stupid it is to tweak the settings and turn off all of the amazing features that make this phone great, just to squeeze a couple extra hours out of my battery. Let's face it, for $.39 each, it's a perfect cure!


  2. RTNV

    RTNV Newbie

    Could you please read the amperage rating off the label of the charger. Also the input voltage - this would be useful for people traveling abroad. I am asking about the amperage because I bought a car charger (similar price to this one) and it came with a wall charger too, and I noticed that the wall charger takes longer to fully charge the battery. It is rated at 700 mA, whereas the original HTC charger is 1A, which would explain it. Also, I got the impression that when the phone is fully charged on the 700 mA charger (100% battery, full overnight charge) the battery gets discharged faster during the next day. I might be imagining on this one - my phone was rather new when I tested this, that charger has been sitting in my bag since then, maybe I need to try it again.
  3. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Member
    Thread Starter

    Input is 100V-240V~, 50/60Hz, 0.1A. Output is 600mA. They charge my phone very quickly, starting at around 30%, it'll fully charge to green light in around an hour.
  4. RTNV

    RTNV Newbie

    Oh, mine actually says max 700mA, min 150mA. I am not sure whether there is something else that would control how fast the charge is - I read that some chargers would connect to a control circuit in the battery.
  5. LunchBB

    LunchBB Android Enthusiast

    That's really a cure... It's good to keep it in charge all the time. But there're times we're on the road that not near any AC outlet. I use the New Trent external battery charger pack.
  6. Texter

    Texter Well-Known Member

    Sorry dan... price is now $0.52, that leaves me out :)
  7. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Member
    Thread Starter

    Hey Texter, if you can come up with the $0.50, I'll donate the $0.02. Hey, what are friends for? Do you take paypal? :)
  8. grfxguy

    grfxguy Lurker

    Just a cautionary note here. With some of these cheapo Amazon chargers, the phone will charge but everything else is disabled while it is plugged in. I had one of these I bought for another phone (same output to same USB mini plug), and when my MT4G is plugged in, I can't even unlock it.

    I have, however, found that some common generic USB chargers will work with no problems. In fact my Jawbone charger works just fine with my MT4G!

    My pair o' coppers.
  9. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I've heard that from others grfxguy. That isn't the case with the ones I bought, maybe I got lucky. I just clicked on the amazon link above that I originally posted, and the charger shown isn't even the same one that was there when I posted the link. Maybe they ran out of the ones like I have? I can't personally recommend the ones that are pictured now, so don't send the mob after me if you order from that link and get a bogus charger! hehehe
  10. GazaIan

    GazaIan Member

    I always thought Cyanogenmod was the cure. Exactly how well does it work?
  11. Dkelz313

    Dkelz313 Newbie

    I ordered the charger, got it today, all i have to say is you get what you pay for. It took two hours for my battery to go from 74 percent to 86 percent. Even for 39 cents I wouldn't recommend it.
  12. Dan-droid

    Dan-droid Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for giving bad advice Dkelz, as I stated before, it seems they ran out of the chargers I bought originally and replaced them with a different charger. I bought 6 of them and every one will charge my MT4G from around 30% to 100% in around an hour. This will teach me not to recommend products I guess.
  13. Dkelz313

    Dkelz313 Newbie

    It's alright, not really a loss to me. Just some change plus shipping and handling, I won't lose any sleep lol
  14. Thats silly, fact is IGv1.1.6 is the most robust rom for MT4G in terms of power consumption and performance as the balance even CM7 can't surpass. I know this very extended as I tweaked little bit more as I always do for superior memory and power management. But the stock battery does have its limit when Mugen power 1650mAh is back in stock ill get that which mAh to mAh gives better results regardless of what other folks says compared to Inocell, check out my SS posted here and on XDA regarding those.

    LOL that last part actually made me laugh.
  15. thcrbz

    thcrbz Lurker

    An extra charger could work well for somebody that has sustained access to an AC outlet. However, consider how many people will be away from an office or charger. I'd suggest a Powerskin (was $50) and keep it unplugged until the battery meter gets into the yellow.

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