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The first MHL enabled tv in retail market

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by uktivo, Sep 2, 2011.

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    The MHL Consortium is pleased to announce the first MHL-enabled DTV available*at retail. On August 26, Toshiba announced the launch of the WL800A as the first DTV with MHL connectivity. With a single connection, MHL-enabled DTVs provide power charging to MHL-enabled phones and tablets while the consumer is playing games, watching full-length movies, or sharing photos with others. The convenience of providing both HDTV-in capability with simultaneous power charging makes for a compelling and differentiated feature on the Toshiba DTV.
    We expect with the WL800A debut in Australia, more MHL-enabled DTVs will follow. Additional information can be found at the following links: Press Release :: Press Centre :: Toshiba :: Computers, Laptops/Notebooks, Tablets, Televisions, DVD and Blu-Ray Players, Camcorders, Storage, Accessories, and more Silicon Image's Dual-Mode MHL? and HDMI

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