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The Galaxy S has nothing on the Ipone!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AJPTransport, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. AJPTransport

    AJPTransport Newbie
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    Ok I needed a catch subject, I have been a Iphone user since day one and loved it, till recently I updated my 3G to the 4.0 software and everything turned to crap! I hated the phone when a buddy showed me the vibrant. I have had it for a day now and im getting used to it and loving it. Questions that I have though to make it more similar to my Iphone.

    Email notification, how do I make it show a dot or change the color of a new email, and or not have to hit refresh to download the email?

    Im using regular text keyboards, does it have a spell corrector like the Iphone? The swipe is not for me.

    How do I adjust the time to when the phone screen locks? It does it way to quick!

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  2. TMW597

    TMW597 Newbie

    Download K-9 Mail from the Market. It's free and gives you WAY more options than the regular native email application. You can change color of email among many other options.

    You can also check the Market for several different types of keyboards, some with spell check. I use Better Keyboard and really like it.

    Adjusting the screen timeout is a very simple process. Settings/sound and display/Screen timeout

    I have an account at http://www.AppBrain.com makes it much easier to find apps and then have them automatically pushed to your phone and installed. Plus the search is much better than the Market's search. Makes it much easier than thumbing it all on your phone.

    Utilize the search feature on the site. You'll be surprised with the results. ;)

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