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The grass is always greener (Inc & EVO)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rushmore, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Got a chance to briefly check out the EVO. Due to the perspective of the post and the fact that some EVO fanboys are even blinder than some Inc fanboys here, I am not posting this on the EVO board.

    1. I have medium hands and using the EVO one-handed is a chore for the thumb. My guess is a silicon case on it would make me pop a ligament ;)

    2. Hot swapping my 16gb mp3 card with my 16gb video card would be lame with the EVO. Battery has to be removed and then the card is awkward to remove. The combination of both issues makes it lame, IMO. Seems ironic the smaller Inc does not have these design issues. I would expect the opposite.

    3. Enough reports in (EDIT) to suggest the battery lasts even less than the Inc. In both device's defense, I think HTC went mega-cheap on stock batteries. Seido works great in Inc.

    4. Speedwise, it seems the same as Inc, which is great.

    5. The main saving grace of the device ( I assumed) was the sweet screen and on it's own it looks good, but just like the Gizmodo review from yesterday, the display looks pinkish and less sharp compared to the Inc. IMO, the Inc's display is better. In fact, the Moto Droid's looks better as well and it is also an LCD display. The Gizmodo review compares the Nexus, but I compared with the Inc.

    6. Another issue that is cropping up is the touted 4G. Besides the now infamous battery drain the tech has, the actual utility is weaker than the LTE tech that Verizon will launch. Sprint's uses a very high band that has serious signal penetration problems working in buildings beyond the outer areas. The LTE tech that VZW will use is a much lower band so inherently will not have these problems. It should function as good as 3G, from a signal regard.

    7. One final point is the contract rate plans to get the EVO. In spite of what (EDIT) some say, Sprint is not always the cheaper between VZW. In my case, I only need 700 family minutes, but unlike Tmo or VZW, Sprint forces you into a 1500 minute famlily plan, plus the $10 EVO premium and each new line after the first two is $20 each.

    If you want mulitple unlimited data plans, Sprint seems a better deal, but if not, they are actually more expensive, due to their stealth manner of forcing data costs on you. I said "seems" a better deal. since I would rather pay $30 more a month and have 3G everywhere, than only have it in pockets, like Sprint. Most of my area would be roaming 1X data speed.

    In summary, the EVO is still a good device, but my ten minute comparison makes me feel very good about getting the Inc :) I still wish the dang thing had a keyboard though, or at least USB host function ;)


    One other issue is app space. The test unit EVO's only have 304mb and the retail units have 358mb free. This is less than half the free app space of the Inc. Yes, apps2sd is coming, but that is down the road awhile and as Nexus owners are finding out, apps need significant revisions to install or be imported to the microsd. Besides, it is nice to have the app space built-in, in case you like to swap cards like I do.

    Strange the way HTC mapped the 1gb rom in the EVO. You would think it would have more free space than it actually has. Also, when 2.2 is released, there will likely be even less free built-in space. Inc does not use the 512mb rom for market apps (just for OS and stock apps). It uses 748mb of allocated flash memory, hence why only 6.6gb is free of the built-in 8gb. As a result of the way app space is allocated in the Inc, 2.2 will not impact the amount of built-in third party app space.

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  2. OldMetalDad

    OldMetalDad Newbie

    Thanks for the quick review. I had two problems with the EVO right off the bat - it was Sprint (was a long-time customer there a few years back, but I struggle to get a signal in the area around my home, as well as inside), and I don't want to pay the extra fee for 4G when it will be a very long time before there is any 4G in my area.
  3. howarmat

    howarmat Android Expert

    That for a good comparison.
  4. Proph

    Proph Android Enthusiast

    you are forgetting one major selling point the evo has the inc does not....its in stock.
    Sprint is my hang up on that phone, if it were on verizon i would probably be all over it, i do like the size of the screen and physical size of the device, that being said i have been impressed with the screen size of the inc and for my hand size i can easily get to any part of the screen using the phone with one hand so no complaints there.
    On a positive side i am actually happy to see the battery complaints on the evo, for the reason it might spur more companies to produce batteries for evo and the inc.
  5. Taylored

    Taylored Android Enthusiast

    I decided to get a new phone because of the Evo marketing, but when I started looking into it in more detail I was sold on the DInc. I think the phones are about even. The Evo is probably slightly better, but I am very happy with my choice. The extras that the Evo has are not things I care about.
  6. NoShftShck16

    NoShftShck16 Android Enthusiast

    played with it today. i agree about the screen, the contrast on the Inc does make it self known. same with the pure size of it, i'm by no means a big dude and phone seem reminiscent of the original xbox controller.

    it does have its perks: front facing camera, nifty (if not practical) kick stand, well...actually i guess thats about it

    when all is said and done, i'm not even remotely jealous :p
  7. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I feel like there will be reception issues with 4G, given the frequency range its using. I also have trouble grasping the fact that you need to pay $30/mo, plus an additional $10/mo for 6Mb-10Mb 4G DL speeds, where I'm only paying $10/mo "total" (web2go plan) for 7Mb speeds (moving to 21Mb) on T-Mo.
  8. Reaver

    Reaver Well-Known Member

    Great comparison!!! Thanks!
  9. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    I'm sure the Evo is a fine phone, but I commute to work by train and the Inc size is perfect for holding with one hand while reading the news on a crowded train car.
  10. Vihzel

    Vihzel Destroying Balls Everyday

    Huge advantage that the Inc has over the Evo... Verizon.
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  11. jayjay1122

    jayjay1122 Android Expert

    That really says it all right there!! ;)
  12. mcapozzi

    mcapozzi Android Enthusiast

    I agree, a bad@$$ phone without a network is basically a fancy iPod touch.

    1x data connections suck.

  13. professorjay

    professorjay Newbie

    Are you assuming everyone that prefers an EVO over an Inc is a fanboy? You sound just as bad bringing it up in your review.
  14. Haelous

    Haelous Android Enthusiast

    I'd rather have the extra internal storage than the slightly larger screen, if we're being purely objective. Wi-Fi Hotspot and 4G don't interest me.

    Verizon and Sprint are about even in my area, but I get a 25% discount on Verizon and nothing on Sprint.
  15. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Of course not, but people refuting issues from reviews, when they have not tried the device yet and attacking people that post (in this board or that one) are telling signs of unreciprocated, fanboy luv ;)

    Unreciprocated, since neither the device, nor the carrier luvs them back ;)


    Still, none of them will EVER touch the near cult-like following of the Apple fanboys and their socialistic cult leader- Steve Jobs. No wink- I am serious.
  16. professorjay

    professorjay Newbie

    I would personally take your review more seriously if it weren't for bringing up the fanboy thing. It sounded like that was your main agenda, and comes off fanboy-ish in itself. That's just my take on it, but I do appreciate the comparisons and I apologize for misinterpreting you.

    And FWIW, I do have an Inc coming in the mail. I never read a single EVO review or article for the fact that it's not on Verizon so why bother...but if it were I would consider it, just like any other product out there.

    As for the Apple thing, I think that's a common misconception. I've gone on many message boards, and tech boards particularly have their fair share of idiocy. It's why I don't frequent any of them, but I'm giving this one a shot for the short term to see if it bucks the trend.
  17. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    All is well :)

    My points are to the actual fanboys, which tend to only be 5% of the install base, but can distort info for the other 95%. Even most Apple owners are not lemmings for Steve ;) Still, their fanboys are a thing of legend.

    I have yet to find a device I like over 90% out of 100%. N900 was closest, but Maemo is an OS mine field and weak app support. 2G radio is weak too. Inc is now my favorite, but must say the Inc would breach 95% if it had a keyboard :)

    Ah, maybe a 92% as it is now.... The great 3G over my years of weak Tmo coverage is nice- regardless of device.

    BTW, after reading your view and re-reading my OP, I see your point. Too many fanboy references, I will edit :)
  18. jasonb1985

    jasonb1985 Android Expert

    i have spent quite a bit of time playing with an Evo and i prefer my Inc.
  19. Berner

    Berner Android Enthusiast

    Bumping ... I love a good baw thread.
  20. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Android Enthusiast

    Guy came into work just a few hours ago with his brand spankin new EVO. I pulled out my DInc and us and some others sat around playing with them. They oohed and aahed at his big screen at first, but they all liked 1-hand navigation due to the size and feel much better on the Inc. He couldn't consistently get internet access with his and mine was loading pages very fast. He also dropped two calls while we were in the office. We live in PC, FL. so there is no 4G, and we are not likely to get it anytime soon (like second part of this decade...seriously behind the times down here in the Redneck Riviera).

    General consensus was DInc was the winner because it had most of the features of the EVO, felt better and easier to use with one hand, and was on Verizon.
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  21. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Bet that pissed him off real good.
  22. TXSooner

    TXSooner Well-Known Member

    I went over and checked the Evo 4G forum on this site and those people are going nuts! Way more crazy than I remember reading on the Inc. launch day. They all seem to love it. I will stick with my Incredible and actually having service in my area.
  23. hovercraftdriver25

    hovercraftdriver25 Android Enthusiast

    You know, he took it in stride. We all have Verizon except him and have been giving him hell for quite a while. The EVO IS a cool phone. If I was stuck on Sprint, I would buy it. If it was on Verizon, I'd have a hard time deciding between the two, but I am Incredibly happy with my phone :D.
  24. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Agreed. Based on the features of both devices and coverage in my area, the Inc is the best option for me. If Sprint was my carrier, I would have the EVO and would be in the EVO thread talking smack too :) ;)


    Did you notice what I did, in regards to the Inc display looking a lot sharper and better contrast with much better whites? I was surprised how the EVO display looked good on it's own, but did not look as good when next to the Inc. I was honestly stunned at the difference.
  25. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Perhaps the "SUPER" Alomed nerfs quality? I don't know but it would be interesting to know why this is the case.

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