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The HTC EVO 4G off-topic Banter thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by drksilenc, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    On pictures you take in the default gallery app, if you zoom it it will be blurry, but it will start the process of clarifying it. Give it a few seconds and it will look great. When you start playing with the zoom levels it will start to process the picture I guess is the word...can't really explain it.

    Edit: The reason why I assume this is is because they didn't want to slow the gallery down for when you're just flipping through tons of pictures, so it just shows it decently unless you play with it.

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  2. GhostFlame

    GhostFlame Well-Known Member

    but it should have a timer on it, like if you pause on a photo for 5 seconds it will start to render it.
  3. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

  4. ARR22

    ARR22 Android Enthusiast

    Well guys I am happy to say that after bothering HTC they finally conceded and overnighted me my 3rd EVO. WITH NO DEFECTS. The even threw in a free silicone case for my troubles. :D:D:D They gave me a box to ship back the defect which I happily shipped this morning. Im glad cuz RS is still sold out and who knows when they will be getting more. For all you people having the same issue as me. Just keep bugging HTC and they will concede. Good Luck!!!!



    NO Screen Separation Issues or Light Leakage yay!!!!!!!!
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  5. AHWagner

    AHWagner Android Enthusiast

    That light leak was really bad on your old EVO!
  6. takirb

    takirb Android Enthusiast

    Hi! I've been lurking on Android forums for quite some time now, and I'm heading to Sprint today to get an EVO! Sure hope i get a decent one without the screen problems and whatnot, 'cause my closest store is over an hour away. They were actually quite helpful, and told me to take the phone home and test out the service first so i can be sure Sprint picks up at my home and work. I'm coming from Alltel (been with them for very very very long time), but their lack of phone selection is finally getting the best of me. Their service and network has always been A+, so I'm kinda worried about switching to another provider but hope all goes well.
  7. SprintFun

    SprintFun Android Expert

    Welcome to the forums!
  8. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    hey guys. i just downloaded the droid x live wallpaper. ill probably regret it (no more yankees wallpaper, plus battery drain), but let me tell you, it looks soooo badass.
    (sorry for the crapp pic. shootme doesnt work since i updated my software)
  9. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    Shoot Me doesn't work anymore for anyone that's updated there software? I updated today and don't really know the difference except I might get a better wifi signal at work in my basement. I lik a couple of the live wallpapers that came with the phone. So I may like that one too.

    Edit: Ok I just tried shoot me and it doesn't work. So is there something else in the Android market that does work that does the same or similar thing?
  10. AHWagner

    AHWagner Android Enthusiast

    Driod X wallpaper available only on rooted phones, or no?
  11. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    nope. doesnt have to be rooted
  12. AHWagner

    AHWagner Android Enthusiast

    Second question, how do I get it then?
  13. AHWagner

    AHWagner Android Enthusiast

    Wow, thank you!
  14. evotitans

    evotitans Android Enthusiast

    Downloaded the blue....its sweet
  15. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    super mario live wallpaper is in the market. its soo fun lol.
  16. joefleres

    joefleres Lurker

    Just got the EVO and love it, however, do I need to use Skype for video phone ? or is there an application that I should download...
  17. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    qik is preinstalled. for skype, download fring and just sign in
  18. takirb

    takirb Android Enthusiast

    Well, got the EVO, HW version 003, and it's sweeeeet. The touch keyboard is taking some getting used to. I've used Iphones, BB's, Treo's, even an LG Triton lol but as with anything, the keyboard will take getting used to. I'll be looking into the Droid X keyboard today to see if there's a difference. I'm just AMAZED at how much there is to do on this phone! Got AndChat IRC, Handsent, Astro File Manager, Fring/Skype, and trying to learn my way around the OS. Service is surprisingly well here at work and at home. Battery finally got too low at about 1am, but i'd been using it constantly from around 7pm so that's not "too" bad for now. Front video cam sucks, but hey, at least it's got one. Could always be my ugly mug that's making it worse ;) Overall, i'm impressed, and will be demo-ing it for one of my bosses who tends to lean towards Iphones and BB's for work use. I do wish there was a bit more configurability with email (unable to set SMTP timeout), but i'm using a seperate Gmail account as a workaround until i can find some other means. Anywho, loving the phone, can't say it enough!

    Definitely need a case, cam on the back makes me uneasy about setting it down and i'm already worried about the screen scratching since i can't keep my hands off it ;)
  19. JustFrozen

    JustFrozen Well-Known Member

    Came into work right when penalty kicks were starting for the Japan/Paraguay World Cup game, and had nearly the whole office crowded around watching Sprint TV on my EVO using the kickstand. Awesome
  20. Rose4uKy

    Rose4uKy Android Expert

    Get the beta of Swype if it's still available or shape writer from the marketplace you'll love typing with one of those keyboards. I never use the one that came with the phone anymore.

  21. dylan88

    dylan88 Android Expert

    just saw this commercial on discovery channel. nice
  22. nx25

    nx25 Well-Known Member

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  23. deezx4

    deezx4 Newbie

    Is anyone elses Evo constantly rebooting itself? This is my second Evo with the same problem! Only does it when I'm on a call... I've on the internet to see if can find something on it but no luck. If someone has had this please let me know

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