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The "I got mine" and initial reviews thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The_Chief, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Okay, we're gonna start getting phones really soon. Check in here when you get yours, let us know what you got and what you think about it right out of the box!

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  2. BenjaminH

    BenjaminH Member

    Nice feel in the hand, I have the soft touch back. The screen can get ridiculously bright. No lag, but haven't really tested it. Nice speakers. Haven't put my Verizon SIM in yet. Coming from a droid Maxx there's a lot to like. For me, the big question will be the battery.
  3. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    OK, I have the initial setup done, all the apps installed, even some Verizon ones, so, I either cancelled them before they actually installed, or I went back and uninstalled them.

    I went with the Best Buy black. It has the slightly textured back, I thought it would be softer and grippier, but, it's hard and smooth enough that it could still be slippery. Haven't dropped it yet, but, the it's early :) It does come with a clear plastic "bumper", i guess they're calling it. It fits very tight, and still fits in my pouch style holster, so, I'll probably leave it on until I have a reason to not use it.

    Here is the holster I went with: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B013NY50O0

    I went with the cheapest 16Gb storage model, because I mostly use cloud storage. However, I didn't think about how much space all those apps take up. I'm using approx 3/4 of my 16 Gb in just application storage. I tried moving them to the 32Gb MicroSD card I put in it, but, it didn't really seem to free up internal storage. Maybe it takes some time for it to actually move the apps over to the SD card??

    Any other specific questions, I'll answer if I can.
  4. ruvidu

    ruvidu Lurker

    Got mine today. Used Verizon Cloud to switch from my old Moto X. Notice that it does got warm to the touch. I went with the basic and installed a 32 Gig card.
    Mine was supposed to be delivered on Monday but Fedex called today and said it was in and asked if it was OK to deliver. This was because the shipment required a signature and I had opted out of that.
    So far I like it a lot.
  5. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    Did any of y'all order the white/champagne and if so does it look golden or brownish? It is back in stock now and I can't decide!
  6. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    I got the White/Champagne and it doesn't look brown at all, more silver than anything
  7. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    Also. I couldn't activate my Moto X Pure on Verizon! They told me the device was not supported on their network. I chatted with a Motorola rep and he said they acknowledge the problem and that Verizon's network doesn't have all the device numbers registered yet, so I have to try again. :(
  8. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    If you have access to a Verizon-recognized device, you could activate the sim using that and then swap it into your Moto X Pure. It should work then, although you might not have access to some Verizon services.
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  9. ruvidu

    ruvidu Lurker

    I have had no issues with Verizon. I put the Sim card from my gen 1 Moto X into the Pure and had full access to all Verizon services. Hope you get that problem cured.
  10. kokiangel

    kokiangel Android Expert

    Thank you Suzi. I really appreciated the feedback on the champagne color.
  11. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    Do you have access to Verizon Visual Voicemail, if you did before?
  12. ruvidu

    ruvidu Lurker

    No. Never had it.
  13. ruvidu

    ruvidu Lurker

    I don't see this All Day Battery Motorola was touting. I have had to charge mine both days to get through.
  14. AndroiDad75

    AndroiDad75 Android Enthusiast

    I was going to say that yesterday was pretty good for me, battery wise. I still had nearly 50% when I went to bed. It was just a moderate usage day, but I thought it went well.
  15. cybercruiser

    cybercruiser Android Enthusiast

    I haven't made the conscious effort to look, but, I think I'm around 50% left at end of day. But, I'm not a heavy user.
  16. BenjaminH

    BenjaminH Member

    All day mixed use, not 12 hours and six hours SOT if that's what you're looking for. The turbo charging adds a lot of battery quickly fwiw.
  17. miked333

    miked333 Newbie

    I had problems at the Verizon store. I didn't have a nano sim and they couldn't activate a new one for me. Finally a manage had the idea to activate one in a floor model device and then transfer it to my account - problem solved. But I think I have a defective volume rocker switch. I can turn the volume up but not down. Will call today to see what my options are for getting a customized replacement.
  18. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    I hope they sort it out for you. Getting a device that does not work correctly is such a bummer.
  19. miked333

    miked333 Newbie

    I was on the phone for about an hour yesterday but they finally sent me a code to buy a new phone at no charge and emailed me a prepaid FedEx label to send mine back once I get the new one.
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  20. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    Great news. Too bad it took and hour on the phone. Hopefully, you will be good to go with your next one.
  21. Suzi_Derkins

    Suzi_Derkins Member

    After one days normal use (light use with Moto 360 connected) I am pleased. I had about 30% battery left, my day during the week runs from 7 am to 7 pm, so 12 hour's use no problem. I'm also happy this phone does not heat up as much as my 2nd gen Moto X which would get really hot on my train ride home if I was using it to play Candy Crush <geek>. The new Moto X hardly warmed up at all. My old phone had a wood back and this new one has a "normal" back, not wood or leather.

    We'll see how it goes from here. How is everyone else doing with their new toy? Now I can't wait to get my 2nd gen Moto 360!
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  22. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    Just got ours off the FedEx truck and charging them up. Gorgeous phones! :)
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  23. BLKRZR

    BLKRZR Newbie

    Literally just picked mine up from the FedEx store by my job. Went on my break.
  24. zipred

    zipred Android Expert

    I'm eagerly awaiting your opinion and report.

    It's the only phone I've seen thus far that has everything I want except a 6" display.

    Given that there's no "perfect" phone, I'm bracing myself for it's "tiny" 5.7" screen....ha..ha..ha... :D
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  25. zombdroid

    zombdroid Android Enthusiast

    I finally got a working Moto X Pure Edition. Came in today and unlike the first one I received, there are not keyboard glitches.

    I have had a chance to spend several hours installing and customizing. I have been running the screen at about 40% brightness, which seem comfortable to look at. There are two modes for color in the display settings and I left the default as Vibrant. Looks clean and sharp, better than my HTC One M8, which I have nothing but good things to say about that phone.

    I am enjoying being back at a 5.7" screen. The phone with the default bumper looks good and without, the standard back and slick sides make the Moto X Pure Edition feel like a slippery ice cube. I am awaiting a Supcase, the non Heavy Duty model. Find at Amazon if interested.

    Switched out the default messaging with Textra Pro, 99 cents in the Play Store. The default app is ok, but lacks customization, like background color, message box color, or blacklisting annoying sms spammers :).

    Blocking calls. Since this my first stock Android Device (well, 99.9%), I was surprised to see there is no "Block Contact" feature in the phone dialer. No problem, just created a contact called Blocked Callers and set the default action to, "Send to Voicemail" and then I can just add numbers to it as robo dialing asshats call me.

    Wow, charging is fast with the stock charger. A little disappointed that Motorola made a charger that they sell for I think $35 that you can not change out the cable. that is right, not usb to usb micro.

    Speed, yes speed. This phone is lightening fast. I really noticed the difference loading graphically intense apps like PVZ2.

    Lack of a "Sound Profile" setting was surprising, but I found a cool free app that has a widget and even better, a sticky notification bar control that allows you go change modes fast.

    I could go on, but bottom line. I really like this device, I think it is a keeper for?...well you know

    Other quick notes
    - Size, the size is great!
    - Not as heavy as I expected
    - Battery not as bad as I expected
    - Fingerprint reader would have been nice, but not a deal breaker for me
    - 128GB MicroSD card works great (I would have let this phone pass if Motorola did not include this feature) Cheers for listening to your customers.

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