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The included earbud phones....

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by thejtl, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. sremick

    sremick Android Expert

    Wired, like one of the Klipsch sets.

  2. gorf

    gorf Newbie

    I actually purchased both the Westone um3x and the Sennheiser ie8 earphones for a total of almost $1000. Would I spend that much again on two pairs of earphones? No, IMHO it is not worth it. However, the sound is pretty much night and day compared to the Captivate earbuds which are too dark for my taste and lack the clarity of high-end earphones. They are better than I had expected for included accessories, but definitely not for critical music listening.

    When I have more time, I'll post my observations with specific source material.
  3. Andrewdroid

    Andrewdroid Well-Known Member

    I left this in the box for a really long time assuming they were trash like the usual included earphones. But now I use them all the time.
  4. Landrew

    Landrew Newbie

    I've seen a difference in sound between $10 earbuds and $30 earbuds for sure, but I'm sure the difference in sound quality between $30 earbuds and $200 earbuds is mostly imaginary (not counting noise-canceling).
  5. woody1

    woody1 Newbie

    Earbuds do make a big difference. My favorite earbuds are made by Etymotic and cost about $90. Also, the best buds, IMO, are ones that seal off outside noise. That type is also better for your ears, because you don't need extra volume to overcome the outside noise, so you can enjoy them at lower volume.

    I just noticed the ones that came with my Captivate, so I'm going to give them a try. They look like they're pretty good.
  6. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member

    Any idea what the button is for on these ear buds?
  7. Rick76

    Rick76 Newbie

    ^ The button is for Play/Pause (single click), Track Advance (double click) and I believe to answer an incoming call.

    Mine are labelled L and R at the bottom of the spine under the word Samsung. Samsung is sunk down, L & R are slightly raised (but very small). R is on the mic side.

    My general impression is very good as well considering they are included. I also have a pair of the iPhone dual driver buds, a pair of Shure's and a pair of Kipsch's. All 3 of these have their strengths and weaknesses but all are in the $80-$120 category so I consider the Sammy's a very good value.

    You also have to consider the actual Media Player in the Captivate. I believe it is also very strong compared to other phones as Sammy has also done a very good job with sound quality on their straight mp3 players.
  8. Rick76

    Rick76 Newbie

    I will try this out tonight with a couple of sets I have and let your know. I have a set of the Apple In-Ear Dual Driver buds and a set of Klipsch S4i's (made for iPhone). So far I can tell you that on both of these sets, the +/- buttons do not work on either to adjust the volume. You have to use the volume control on your phone. But the centre button does pause/play (single click) and advance track (double click). Unfortunately, the centre button does not activate voice dial though. Will let you know about the mic.
  9. hotrod4x5

    hotrod4x5 Member

    Still haven't figured out how to use it. Any tutorials online for the MP3 player?
  10. RedRyno

    RedRyno Well-Known Member

    They sound real nice, I use them daily (I walk 3 miles a day, since my M.I.).I'm actually on my second pair, wore out the first. My daughter has a captivate and didn't use them so there mine now...
  11. Dieselbud

    Dieselbud Well-Known Member

    I cannot get the volume very loud with my Samsung earbuds. What am I doing wrong?

    I have set of headphones that came free on a kid's t-shirt I bought at Walmart that go louder than these.

    I cannot even use them to mow the lawn :(

    PS: they are the same when used with my ipod. They are just not very loud at all, but they sound good.
  12. bishop92t

    bishop92t Newbie

    Are you able to get the ear buds to fit snug? They won't sound good or loud without a snug fit. You can tell when its snug because outside noises get muffled and quiet.
  13. cgragg

    cgragg Lurker

    I agree that these are a great sounding ear bud. Only problems is, I CAN'T FIND THEM! I lost them somewhere, or I mean, kids lost them. I've searched ebay for a set, but I don't think they are the same. I think they are selling generic knockoffs on ebay in place of the acutal earbuds that come with the phone. Anyone know where I can buy the actual earbud that came with the phone? Or a model number I can look for? Little help, ,thanks all.

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