The issue with waiting this long to release


Think about a couple things here guys.... first, the TB has about the same specs as the Evo... which came out in June of last year. I guarantee you that Verizon had the TB from HTC by the time they launched 4G so that they could release a phone at that time too (was probably the original plan until the iPhone BS) but Steve Jobs forced them to hold off so that Apple could have a legit chance at selling a ton of iPhones before any 4G devices were available. That's why this phone (HTC Scorpion, HTC Mecha, HTC Incredible HD....) has been rumored/known about for so long.

Second, since this phone has most likely been done since December, don't you think HTC has another B.A. phone in the works? And probably with a reasonable chance to come out in June/July at that. How would you feel if a month after the TB launch, a rumor/photo leaked of an HTC phone that has better specs then the Motorola Bionic/LG Revolution/Samsung LTE all combined.

Say it was a 4.5" Super Amoled Plus display, 10MP w/1080p video capture, 1 GB RAM, 16GB internal memory plus a 16GB card, an HDMI output, a front facing 2MP camera, 4G capabilities, Android 2.4, and a dual core 1.2ghz processor. That would be a serious kick in the nuts to everyone who purchased the TB. Even if it was half the phone that I just described, but still better specs then the TB or Bionic... that's still BS for them to have in the works 2 months before we get the TB.

I wanted the TB as bad as anyone, as I remember doing research about it back when it was being called the Scorpion, but with it having the specs it does at about 9 months after a phone came out with almost identical specs... that sounds like a let down to me.

Anyways, just my two cents... I'm in a complaining mood, lol.


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This is from a thread over on XDA, it is the best answer I've seen to people comparing this phone with the EVO...

Besides them both having a 4.3" screen and kickstand they are completely different devices. It is honestly annoying to constantly hear people compare them due to the aesthetic design similarities.

The ThunderBolt has a unibody aluminum design and great build quality. As others have stated, the ThunderBolt also uses the newest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs. This 1GHz CPU is not the same as the older generation used in the EVO, it is an entirely different beast. The latest Snapdragons are more efficient and the clock speed being the same means nothing.

The TB also has more RAM than the EVO, Verizon 4G LTE (not WiMAX), and Dolby Audio onboard behind the kickstand. Finally, the TB includes a 32GB microSD card preinstalled.

Any other comparisons simply boil down to looks and similar design style. The devices themselves are not the same.

I really don't think you are going to see a device come out a month or two after the TB that is going to blow it away. I'm getting the TB mainly because it is an HTC, has an unlocked bootloader so I will be able to root and have access to CM, and for what it is worth the specs are pretty darned nice.

I'm not into the whole duel core thing yet, I'm gonna give it a year or two for the software to catch up to the hardware.


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My post, verbatim, from the other "Is the TB really better than the EVO" thread.

me said:
The newer snapdragon has the following benefits:

Much better GPU. The older snapdragon (on the Inc, EVO, etc) ha an inferior GPU. One of the reasons it stayed viable is that all the other processors on the market (ignoring for now tegra--we are looking at ones in phones in the past year) were ARM cortex-A8 chips. The Hummingbird and OMAP are just slightly modified A8's, and thus they performed better than a stock A8. HTC said that they would use the ARMv7 instruction set (the same one all the other processors use), but that they would build their own processing core and call it Scorpion. The Scorpion core is much more optimized than the slightly modified A8 cores, and thus even with the vastly inferior GPU, the first gen snapdragons were real competitors in the SOC market.

Now, with a fairly good GPU, the second gen should fly. And, if the MT4G is any example, it does.

The second gen is also a 45nm process as possed to the 65nm of the first gen. This leads to more transistors per area of space = more processing power. Also, with the decreased printing length comes lower resistance, so each transistor takes less energy to use (this is a simplification--PM me for more scientific explanations).


That is about the two snapdragrons. Add that to the more RAM and better screen (LCD vs SLCD), and the only real similarity is form factor.

It would not harm you to read up and educate yourself before you post. The other thread is on the front page, as are a couple others regarding similar subjects.



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Agreed. Another example that works well (for the elders here) is that a 486/33 was roughly TWICE as fast as a 386/33, and a Pentium/66 was roughly TWICE as fast as a 486DX2/66.

Now I'm not saying that the Thunderbolt will be twice as fast as the EVO, but the clock speed of the CPU has less to do with the speed than the qualities of the chip, the memory amount and speed, etc ad nauseum.


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If you want further proof in addition to the posts made by the other members here, go check the video Wirefly did comparing the Evo to the Thunderbolt. The TB absolutely BLOWS it out of the water.


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I understand the OP's point to a certain extant. Vzw dragged it out, and the sooner we get to Spring, the sooner newer more advanced phones get leaked. The TB is bad ass, I just think vzw is really letting this drag. And to top it all off, pricing is just pure foolery. $249 on contract, and $749 off is straight up a kick in the nuts if you ask me. Again the phone looks very very worthy, but with pricing like that, it'll fail!