Root The Mini-SDK is all a rooter needs


The PearlyMon
During the course of rooting, you'll likely be instructed to go grab the Android SDK.

You very likely don't need that.

If you go and download the whole Android SDK shebang and get a platform tools folder, you'll have everything to begin development in Android. And a big waste of space on your hard drive if you're not into that.

Use our forums' Mini-SDK and unzip that to c:\sdk-tools or under an sdk-tools folder inside your Documents on Windows, Mac or Linux

Then, wherever you see instructions telling you to go to "platform tools" - just use your sdk-tools folder and you're all set.

There's an installation script for Mac and Linux that's new, in the linked post - and an md5 checksum utility for Windows now.

Old instructions below this button still work - as will the new shortcuts provided.
On Windows, the commands from inside the sdk-tools directory are:

adb rest of command line
fastboot rest of command line

On a Mac from within that folder -

./adb-mac rest of command line
./fastboot-mac rest of command line

And on Linux, prior to its first use, go into the sdk-tools tools folder and say -

chmod 755 *

You only have to do that once. Afterwards, the commands to use it are -

sudo adb-linux rest of command line
sudo fastboot-linux rest of command line

Hope this helps! :)