The mouths of babes...


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Took my grand kids out to celebrate my grand daughters first week of pre-k and getting green smiley faces all week (who is she and what has she done with my real grand daughter) and she wants sushi. We are sitting at the sushi bar and she is picking up a piece of Ebi when the rice falls out, holding just the shrimp in her chopsticks she exclaims "The fish belly fell out"! Everybody was laughing!:D


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I wish I could get my kids to try sushi... It's one of my faves, but all they want is hibachi table when we go for Japanese.


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lol that's adorable :)

I love all kinds of sushi! My favorite fish is the simple red tuna and favorite roll is sweet potato tempura.


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A little off topic, but one of my favorite things about this forum is that it isn't just for one age group. In this post alone we have at least three generations. :)

I have never had sushi... >_>