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The Official Huawei Mercury Dumb Questions Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DXGypsy, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. DXGypsy

    DXGypsy Member
    Thread Starter

    The Dumb Questions thread got a lot of love in the Ascend forum so I'm sure we will need one here.

    Ill kick off the festivities.

    Is the Mercury prepaid like Ascend?

    The early articles said it was but when I went to shop one on the cricket site they said a smartphone plan was required.

    I don't like plans. So what's the deal?

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  2. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    I think they just want you to activate it when you buy online. It's not really a plan, it's the same as if you bought it in the store, there's no contract or anything. You might be able to go into a store and buy one without activating it. They don't like to do it, but if you tell them it's a present for somebody and you'll bring them back to activate it later, they might let you, it depends on the store. But no, they call it the smartphone plan, but it's still month to month.
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  3. ShinySide

    ShinySide Extreme Android User

    Here's my dumb question: Was it worth the looooonnnggggg wait? ;)

    (I wish we had Cricket here. Kinda wanna checkit out :D )
  4. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    Yes and no.
    its worth the wait because its a badass phone but for this long for just a phone, hell no.
  5. DXGypsy

    DXGypsy Member
    Thread Starter

    That's what I wanted to hear!

    Thank ye kindly
  6. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Kind of a hard question to answer. There are lots of nice phones out there I would have been happy with, but none of the ones Cricket had seemed worth upgrading to, since I really had no problems with my Ascend on CM7. I actually tried to leave Cricket a few months ago. I bought a Nexus S from Cincinnati Bell after they repeatedly assured me they had 3g everywhere in my area, but I was stuck on EDGE most of the time I had it. The coverage was very spotty, I could have full bars on 3g in one spot, then be on Edge only a couple blocks away. I just decided to return it and wait for the Mercury, but I didn't think it would take this long. The good thing is this phone compares very favorably with the Nexus.
  7. SpawnHyuuga

    SpawnHyuuga Well-Known Member

    Here's my Questions:

    Where you live, is Cricket good?

    Is the Mercury a good phone? Can anyone confirm that it's different drom the Honor other than CDMA/GSM?

    Any potential for Android 2.3.6-7, ICS, CM7/9?
  8. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Cricket has good service where I live, (Ohio) but like any carrier, that will vary wildly depending on your location. Also, with Cricket, if you are not in a regular Cricket area, you won't get the same plan options and it's not worth it IMO.

    The Mercury is very good for a pre paid phone, by far the best that Cricket has ever had, and up there with the best pre paid phones out there. Any differences from the Honor are minimal. From your profile it looks like you have Metro. I would say between the Mercury and the LG Esteem it would be a toss up. If you have 4G in your area and are happy with Metro, I would go with the Esteem.

    For updates, Huawei says yes for ICS, but it depends on Cricket. I don't know of any devs on board yet, but i'm hopeful for CM7/9. The phone can definitely handle it. However, the phone is so smooth as-is I wouldn't flash any ROMs until they were bug free if that tells you anything.
  9. Ironbutterfly

    Ironbutterfly Lurker

    Here's a stupid question I am sure. On the Huawei Launcher, why aren't the Apps alphebetized and how do you do it. Running Go Launcher and it's great. Just curious...
  10. brogan

    brogan Lurker

    OK here's my dumb question. My girlfriend and I both have the Huawei Mercury, and we send text messages to each other. On my phone, her messages are marked with her contact icon (her facebook profile pic), but my replies are marked with a default "grey head" icon. It's reversed for her phone, where she sees my icon but not her own. Is there a way to set a default icon for myself on my phone? Thanks.
  11. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    go to text messages>settings>my picture.
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  12. brogan

    brogan Lurker

    Thanks! I always forget about the settings button.
  13. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    No problemo. Glad to help :]
  14. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Has anyone used the "All Backup" app that comes on the phone? What exactly does it back up? I see options for apps and system, but it's obviously not like a nandroid, and I doubt the apps part is the same as Titanium Backup, so my dumb question is, what does it do?
  15. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    I had used it on my Indulge. My backup is from cricket, it backs up all of your phones important contact information. Never seen the option for apps on it though.
  16. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    The one on the Mercury is different. It appears to be a Huawei app.
  17. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    Oh that one. Just backs up all your info and apps to Huaweis Cloud system, I think. You have the option to back it up to your sdcard.
  18. suzette5

    suzette5 Lurker

    Dang...the back is hard to remove! Any tips? :eek:
  19. danisepik

    danisepik Lurker

    press the center of the back as you lift the back plate off
  20. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Good advice and welcome to the forums!
  21. danisepik

    danisepik Lurker

    thanks, i come here often but decided to sign up finally
  22. Gmash

    Gmash Extreme Android User

    Good to have you, we need all the members we can get over here!
  23. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    Especially devs who want to tackle this beast. :D
  24. kellee31

    kellee31 Lurker

    Here is my dumb question... How do I change the city on the weather clock?
  25. the258

    the258 Android Enthusiast

    The main one cannot be changed, idk why. Mine says im in some town i havent heard of. What i did is i opened the app, settings>add city. Once you added the city you go to settings>more>set as default city and that should be it.

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