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The Official "I got my Note 7!" First Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by The_Chief, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. Deelynde

    Deelynde Member

    Contacts is already on the edge panel so can't see favorites. Doesn't matter, returning Note 7 tomorrow and going back to Note 5. No action memo took me over the edge as I used that religiously

    Ok found a you tube video on how to get action memo back on phone. Followed instructions and "bam" I have it again. So guess I'll be keeping Note 7


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  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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  3. MannyrtFresh

    MannyrtFresh Well-Known Member

    Check this video out. I just seen it yesterday. Thought I'd share it.

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  4. jlrosell

    jlrosell Android Enthusiast

    I finally got everything set up last night. Coming from the s6 edge with the 2600mAh battery which was shot, I am THRILLED with the batter life on this thing. There was much consternation about the lack of 4000mAh, but this is a huge upgrade for me.

    Screen is incredible. I work outside most of the year, and I had no problem at all seeing this phone in bright sunlight. Way better than my s6 which I always had to try to create shade to see.

    The S pen is brand new to me as I have never had a Note before. Itll probably take a while for me to get used to even having it, and using it. But I played a bit last night and its pretty cool. I like how it turns your sloppy electronic writing in to beautiful text.

    The 1 handed operation options are fantastic too. I know this isnt brand new, but its new to me. I already couldnt reach things on my s6 edge. With this phone, its impossible, but the shrink screen feature is fantastic.

    My only major diapointment is the lack of the IR blaster. I made use of the universal remote app pretty frequently.
    And, I dont love the subtle curved edge as much as I liked the dramatic curved edge of my s6. I took the case off of that phone for the first time ever last night to send it back to Verizon, and fell in love with that design all over again.
  5. Saporia

    Saporia Newbie

    IT MAKES PHONE CALLS!! Who knew a cell phone was supposed to make phone calls?

    I'm upgrading from the Galaxy S6 Edge + , prior to that I had the Note 3 & Note 4. I got this phone because I love the edge, but I also love the S-pen, now I have the best of both worlds.

    However, I had to post something because of all the phones I've had since Android came out none of them could keep a signal in my building in particular the garage and in my lobby. To be honest I miss that clunky Nokia phone that I got for a dollar back in the day because I could make a call from anywhere. Since then I upgrade when I can. I know I've had a new android phone every year since they came out (if not six months). Anyway, I used to test phones by how long I can talk on the train and I stopped doing this after the 4th year. Now, I have a problem in my building where I'm driving into the garage or walking into my lobby the phone would lose the signal if I'm talking. Last night as I was going to Pilates class downstairs a friend of mine calls and I almost hung up because I knew it would lose the signal, but then I said, "no stay on the phone so I can see if the phone actually makes phone calls." I got in the elevator, got to the lobby, walked to my class and the phone didn't cut off, YAY! But wait there's more... This morning as I was getting in my car my phone rang and my sister called. Instead of telling her I would call her back before we got cut off, I told her to stay on the phone to test it out. The phone did not drop the call the whole time in the garage, YAY again! I love this phone because I can also make phone calls.

    On another note, someone said something negative about the speakers. I almost wrote a review before finding out about the calls because I keep an Ipod now Iphone because I like listening to music on those better. This phone is a beast sounds much better to me than my Iphone, so whatever to that person. I might actually keep a phone for 2 years this time around (yeah, right).
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  6. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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    I just finished chatting with Samsung, and there is currently NO WAY to sideload Samsung Cloud and replace the stupid Verizon Cloud on VZW Note 7s. I'm hoping someone will eventually post the app to apkmirror. It's ridiculous that Samsung allows carriers to have such clout over what is, and is not, included on their devices.
  7. ne0lyfeism

    ne0lyfeism Android Enthusiast

    Been a long time since I've been on this forum (was a regular when I had the Note 2!). Now, I'm coming from a Oneplus One, so I know the leap between it and the Note 7 is drastic, but my goodness the Note 7 is hands down the most gorgeous phone I've held. I'm still trying to figure out how Samsung made the bigger screen work with a smaller form factor. It just feels perfect in the hand (I'm 6'3" with fairly large hands, so make of it what you will) and I for one like the heft of the device as some reviewers listed this as a nit to pick. I also love the fact that the edges are tapered down but still functional for what you get with the edge screen functionality.

    Overall, the device flat out works and works seamlessly - TouchWiz (or Grace, not sure what the official name is now) is all grown up with menus that are laid out nicely and appear to be intuitive. I especially like the fact that if I'm in the Settings app, I get suggestions on things I might be interested in based on the menu I'm currently (e.g., Options for "do not disturb" at the bottom of the Notifications menu). Are there hiccups? Yes.. I'll experience the odd lag here and there but by no means is it overly pronounced or often.

    The camera rocks and I can see why Samsung has taken the crown for it (at least for now). As they say, the best camera is the one you have on you, and the Note 7 camera just works, works fast, and works well. Pictures look bright and crisp, and I for one am a fan of the color processing Samsung employs (I know, I'm in the minority, but whatever, lol)

    The screen.. one word - WOW. Count me among those that thought the higher than HD screens on a phone were overkill only to be pleasantly surprised by the Note 7 screen. Pictures and video look AMAZING on here and the Always On display is both fun and functional. Unlike others, I've had the phone since 8/18 and the battery has been better than expectations. In my usage which is a mix of bluetooth streaming, email, texting, syncing of multiple apps, and the occasional game, I'm getting anywhere from 4-5 hours of SoT with the battery hovering around 15-20% by 11pm/midnight on most days (typically off charger at 7:30am) - note that this is without using the fast charging to top off during the day. Again, YMMV, but thought I'd share my anecdotal experience (I have the AT&T variant).

    How could I forget the "phone" aspect of this device, lol! This has been a HUGE improvement over my Oneplus One which was nothing short of terrible when it came to both call quality and in-call volumes. Calls on the Note 7 are great, calls sound loud and clear and folks on the other end have said I sound great on their end. The speakerphone also works pretty well although I haven't tried it in noisier settings (not sure why I would either..). To me, this is incredibly important because I'm one of the few folks who still uses his smartphone to take and make actual phone calls.. ;)

    I've noticed no issues with scratches when keeping the phone in either a pants or cargo shorts pocket, and this includes the deep pockets on cargo shorts! I have the phone in a Spigen Slim Armor case and while it's nice, the lip doesn't rise up enough on the sides to protect the edges of the screen.

    My only gripe is the fingerprint sensor - it's hit or miss when it works. When it works, it's flawless and works very quickly. When it doesn't, I think the iris scanner compensates (as I have both active) as I'm able to swipe the screen to unlock.

    All in all, this phone is fantastic so far and can easily see it as my daily driver for the next 2 years.
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  8. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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    Welcome back! Great to have you in on the conversation!
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  9. XrB

    XrB Lurker

    I have my Note 7 for 6 days now and so far loving it. I had Note Edge before and really liked that phone. Except after a few months, the phone started overheating and would just randomly restart. Also, I take a lot of photos at work to document stuff (make/model/part numbers) and my Note Edge would just overheat like crazy and die after some photos. I did love the SPen and edge features and can customize to my liking. I also got so good at resetting to factory data my Note Edge but after awhile it became cumbersome. Battery life on it was awful if ever I see less than 20% charge I consider it good as gone.

    When I heard Note 5 announced, it never even piqued my interest due to the non-removable battery and non-expandable drive. Needing a new phone I reluctantly went for S7 Edge. Now this phone was amazing, smooth and fast and battery life was really good. I liked the S7 Edge so much that I wished it had the SPen on it and I'd be good to go. There were multiple times I wished I had the Spen while using my S7 Edge and I really hated the feeling. I'm an avid photographer and I have the same feeling when I go out for the shoot and I didn't bring my ultra wide angle lens. It's one of those nice to have things and sucks if you don't have it feeling. Lol! With that, enter Note 7! Really happy with my Note 7 and happy to be reunited with my Spen!

    Few things I don't like so far. Edge feature panel is not as good or better than the one on Note Edge. With my Note Edge I didn't have any app shortcuts on my home screen just the camera and phone, everything is one swipe away from the edge panel while on an active app. I kind of knew this would be the case after using S7 Edge and found some workarounds that I can live with. Also, off screen memos don't sync up to Evernote which is my main note application and already signed up for premium features. Samsung, please enable the option to sync my off screen notes directly to Evernote.

    Liking the black onyx with Spigen Ultra Hybrid gunmetal look ;)
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  10. Anybody got like.....$850 they could lend me? I'm good for it. ;)

    I'm just jealous you know.
  11. Actamybp

    Actamybp Lurker

    Speech to text is AWFUL compared to the Samsung Galaxy S5. How can the same company get it so accurate in a previous model and screw it up so badly in a newer phone?? The galaxy note seven almost always almost always "encounters an error" when I press the microphone. When it does work, it's riddled with mistakes. It doesn't even auto capitalize the word "I" like it used to. If I receive a text message or notification while I am voice dictating, I lose what I have voice dictated so far. Or is also extremely SLOW to convert to text, IF it even works. Not happy!!
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  12. Zanders87

    Zanders87 Lurker

    That sounds like the price of the Vodafone deal I've got. I'm only due an upgrade in October (contract ends in December) but I was nice to them on the phone and they're letting me have one early. Might be worth a try if you haven't already....
  13. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Once your contract ends, the line goes to $20 and only goes to $40 if you do another contract phone.

    Wonder how many folks think they are getting a deal and do not realize this?
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  14. TexandroidSS

    TexandroidSS Well-Known Member

    The S-Pen was already great for copy pasting and sharing images online, but with the new .gif creator function, it's even slicker. I actually find myself using it more when I have to do a screen capture to send to my parents when they call me about issues they're having with their devices.

    I will also say that everyone that's posting about how much better their Note ( <7 ) is than the Note 7, it seems like sour grapes. Even without the IR blaster, an improvement on the speaker, and similar battery stats, the Note 7 has more stout hardware, from the processor to the RAM (last I remember, 6 is higher than 4). Having said that, coming from a Note 4, I'm not completely overwhelmed by the Note 7. It is however, a good competent upgrade IMO.
  15. bornintheuk

    bornintheuk Well-Known Member

    Man you guys are making me excited.. Mines coming between 30th Aug and 2nd September here in UK. I believe I'm getting a case sent free with the order as that's listed with my note and free vr. So I'll use the free case until I get something more permanent. It's great reading this thread to get hints and tips for when mine comes.. I've never preordered a phone before but I work damn long hours now and deserve a treat.
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  16. I have no experience with the wireless fast charger YET but when charging with the fast wall charger I went from 0 to 100 in roughly an hour. Hope you figure out what is going on because something definitely not right! This is my first fast charge experience and I love it!
  17. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
    VIP Member Thread Starter

    I hit another speed bump: apparently there is a file size limit to what you can move to the Secure Folder. I tried to move a full HD movie there, and it failed to move. It's a 17GB file, so that may have something to do with it :p
  18. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else a little disappointed that they took away the "priority senders" in the stock messaging app? They was one of my favorite things on the Edge and I wish they would add it back as a update. They can do that can't they?
  19. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

    It worked transferring everything from the Edge to the Note 7 but it didn't work with a Note 5 they had to replace.
  20. drexappeal

    drexappeal Extreme Android User

    I really, really like what Samsung did with the Note7. I already have my 256gb microSD on the way (well, still waiting for confirmation of shipment, but I have the FedEx tracking #). At first, I thought battery life wasn't too great, but I discovered how great it can be, when taking advantage of the power saving mode baked in. As long as I can get through 24 hours without charging, I'll be a happy camper. First true test, if it can do that, is today. If I make it to 7am tomorrow morning, that'll be just fine. I keep telling myself that I can't expect it to come close to the Mate 8, which still kicks but, when it comes to battery life. It's not likely that I'll use the 256gb microSD, since I have a 200gb in my Note7 already, so that will go in my Mate 8. Even though I got it in time for my vacation, and to be able to use answering work questions while gone, I still haven't had the time to go through majority of my "normal" setup process. I'm hoping to do that this weekend.
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  21. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

    I just checked Samsung and it said my submission has been approved and has been processed and is currently in route??? Dang, if this is true that is the fastest promotion I have ever gotten. I thought for sure it would take several weeks so I suppose I'll get something confirming this soon. I chose the card because I actually bought one of these watches from Samsung and it wouldn't sync real time and it was always behind so I thought I would get more use out of the card. I don't think I'll even get close to filling that up.
  22. jb4kats

    jb4kats Well-Known Member

    That's a fast charge!!
  23. Fun Human

    Fun Human Member

    Here's my impression with 6 days in. I definitely like the Note 7 better than the 5 (my 2nd phone now). Having said that I really see no difference in performance between the two. At least with what I'm doing which is using it as a Phone. The apps open with the same speed etc. And since everything was practically instantaneous on the 5 the 7 does not disapoint.

    What I do like better is the slimmer body. It's so easy to handle. I love the Edge screen it definitely makes the screen appear much larger than the 5...wait...I just opened my phone looked at it, played with it for a second and it's obvious to me. It's the edge screen and the new little things associated with it that I love. The ambient light is great! The Edge tabs and widgets are great. The dragging icons so easily from screen to screen.

    I have to add I'm using ADW launcher Beta (previously ADW launcher Ex). It allows you to tweak everything about the phone and it really makes it awesome! I highly recommend it.

    Lastly my fast charger works great and I bought the fast charging stand. Actually bought a total of 3 since I loved the first one so much. Battery life has been great so far.

    Oh one other thing I forgot my charger as I left town the other night, well actually the stupid (1) type-C adapter. Oh I was mad with 3 powered charging cables in my truck and no way to charge the phone. I turned on battery saving and my phone lasted an extra 13 hours! All I needed to get thru the night. What's funny is I thought screw it I need to use my phone and did. Could not believe the phone still had juice. Thanks
  24. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

  25. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations!
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    No McAfee on the Verizon Note 7...
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